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Vacations with The Best Views

A husband, wife, and son taking a fun photo in Europe

Vacations with The Best Views

You won’t believe your eyes…

Pinch Me. I’m Dreaming.

Actually, you’re not dreaming! This is real and so are the views we are going to tell you about! Vacation is infamous for beaches, the ocean, and of course parties by the pool bar and literally all things relaxation, but there is another way to enhance your experience. That is by booking destinations that also provide breathtaking views and scenic landscapes to enjoy on top of everything else. You’re not dreaming right now, but after you read this you won’t be able to get these spots out of your head.

So, when you experience that, just give us a call and go see it all for yourself! 😉

Jade Mountains in St. Lucia with beautiful blue water below and a perfect sky with white clouds

St. Lucia & Jade Mountain

We’re starting strong with a destination that is filled to the brim with picturesque landscapes and most predominantly, Jade Mountain. This mountain is uniquely shaped and towers over the waters of the southwestern coastline of St. Lucia. You’ll enjoy every second you can take in as the sunsets and sunrises with the mountain in full view are some of the most beautiful things you can witness in the Caribbean. Ask us about Jade Mountain Resort if this one is calling your name!

The Blue Hole in Ochos Rios showing a waterfall into blue/green waters

Jamaica & The Blue Hole

Jamaica already sets the stage for some of the best places to vacation. But, there is a gem of a place to visit while you are here that is unlike any other destination—meet The Blue Hole located in Ochos Rios. Recognizable for its rich turquoise blue and deep waters, where you can swing from vines, admire all the views, and of course, swim in the mineral-rich waters that are fed by a spectacular waterfall (which, you can jump off of into the Blue Hole if you’d like)! That’s right, you can dare it all and cliff jump at this location with other options like rope swings, a diving area, and a casual way to gently walk into the waters here. No matter what, it is a sight to behold and you should definitely add it to your next vacation. We will go ahead and add it to your itinerary.

A person walking across a steel bridge through the jungles of Costa Rica's Cloud Forests

Costa Rica’s Cloud Forests

Get lost in a sea of luscious green forests as you witness some of the world’s most diverse animal life and jungles in Costa Rica’s Cloud Forests. There are two options when you want to take in this part of the world and they are Monteverde and Santa Elena, they both offer suspended steel bridges through the trees, ziplining through canopies, and access to see sloths, birds, and some amazing flora too! It is hard to explain just how engaging these places can be, but they are perfect for all types of travelers. From families and groups, to couples and solo travelers, exploring these forests will be dotted with scenic waterfalls and options for those who like calm walks and adrenaline junkies alike. Ask us about guided tours that are easily added to any Costa Rican vacation when you book!

Do You Believe Your Eyes Now?

Well, you will when you are staring at the real Jade Mountain or zip lining past a sloth—and it will all come together easier than pie when you connect with the Beach Bums to make your vacation filled with the best views a reality. It’s time you took a vacation with a view!

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