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Unique Cocktails & Where to Find Them

Two small cocktail glasses with red drinks and a lime around the rim with a cherry in the drink

Unique Cocktails & Where to Find Them

A unique list of fine sips to enjoy while on vacation

If You’re a Little Tipsy Right Now…

We’re glad you’ve ended up here! There’s a whole world of amazing vacations out there (and you know our team loves planning them for you) but, one of our favorite parts of any vacation are…the drinks! An upscale or unique cocktail can really make your stay, no matter where you may be vacationing. So what will it be…chilled or on the rocks?

A small pink cocktail with rum that has mint leaves as garnish and a black straw

Bankie Banx Dune Preserve

Taking a trip to Anguilla will land you in close proximity to the infamous Bankie Banx Dune Preserve, a very fun watering hole that welcomes vacationers and travelers to relax and unwind with a cold one, while also enjoying a unique and friendly atmosphere. Here, you’ll find tons of different and unique drinks, but the most unique cocktail that is a must try, is the Vicious Venom Bush Rum—a unique dark rum cocktail that can only be found at this destination. So, pack for Anguilla, the party is going to be amazing!

At Bankie Banx, you will also find amazing entertainment such as live performances from local artists, as well as the annual Moonsplash Festival, where all the best musicians, cocktails, and parties happen over a dedicated weekend in March.

Close up of a margarita with a salted rim and a lime around the outside of the glass

Margaritaville (Multiple Locations)

It’s most famously known for always being 5 o’clock here, so you know we had to talk about it! The Margaritaville collection or resorts, span from California to Belize and each one hosts amazing and eccentric options to get your drink on. From swim up bars, to weekly parties to attend, your thirst for a yummy cocktail is sure to always be quenched. Of course, there are a lot of choices for margaritas here, but be sure to try their other drinks called ‘boat drinks’ to get even more unique flavors. We also highly recommend trying out the ‘5 o’clock somewhere,’ from this menu!

If you’re sticking to margaritas, our taste buds are always pleased by the ‘Who’s to Blame’ margarita, which gives you the OG Margaritaville flavors.

Close up of three people's hands touching glasses giving a cheers on vacation

Dive Into a Cold One at Rick’s Cafe

Located In Negril, Jamaica—Rick’s Cafe is a testament to what creativity and an exclusive approach can do for a gathering place like this! Uniquely situated on top of a cliff overlooking the breathtaking blue waters, you’ll find yourself immersed in culture and a lively crowd, not to mention the very fun cliff jumping opportunities! A little liquid courage can help you make the jump (but, please always swim responsibly) and we suggest trying out the ‘for him’ and for ‘her drinks’ aptly named: “Sex with Rick” and “Front End Lifter AKA Jamaican Viagra.” 😆 They do the trick, if we do say so ourselves!

There are also ‘well cold beers’ and trendy specials like ‘Rick’s Hurricane,’ to try out as well! Either way, you’ll find a unique cocktail that suits your taste buds when you come to visit.

Cheers To Your Vacation

A vacation loaded with appealing and yummy cocktails, with a variety of enticing drink options sounds like the perfect Beach Bum type of escape. Fancy a drink on the beach? Just click below.

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