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Try Native Hawaiian Pizza During a Getaway

If you're traveling on a family vacation in Hawaii soon, the thought may have crossed your mind to try some of the island's native Hawaiian pizza. Unfortunately you won't find its birthplace here because it wasn't created on the island chain. The origins are surrounded in debate, but according to the Village Voice, the pizza flavor was originally invented in Canada. That hasn't stopped the topping from spreading as far away as Australia, where the selection is one of the country's most popular choices, according to PMQ Pizza Magazine. Though the pizza wasn't born in Hawaii, your vacation is still an opportunity to see how the locals interpret the pizza named after them no matter what resort or hotel you stay at.

Hanalei Pizza It doesn't matter if you're on a luxury travel trip, you can take a breather from dining on the exotic cuisine of the area for a pizza break. ABC News reported of a small pizza shop hidden away in a shopping center on the island of Kaua`i called Hanalei Pizza. They incorporate traditional Hawaiian ingredients in the crust of their pan pies to give it their own take on the island's namesake. The main component they add is often thought of as a must on any authentic Hawaiian menu or dish: coconut water.

Along with coconut water, the shop mixes in a large variety of seeds & flour to give their crust a different texture not seen anywhere else. With no unpleasant tastes attributed to it, the blend of the thin, chewy crust & sauce with toppings offers a twist on normal versions of Hawaiian pizza. Though it's not the original incarnation, it is a unique move that provides the dish with some local character.

The pizza shop uses more regional ingredients in their other menu options ranging from kalua pork to sweet Maui onions & Maui Hamakua oyster mushrooms to Kalamata olives, in what is essentially their own variant of Hawaiian pizzas not sold anywhere else.

Experience the local flavor Travelers are often encouraged to sample local delicacies. Don't be disappointed & consider the pizza a fake knock-off. Instead, appreciate what the community did to transform it into a real Hawaiian pizza.

Despite the flavor not originating from the islands, it took its name from them because of the pineapple topping commonly found there. Next time your in Hawaii, try out some of the local pizzerias' attempts to cook the meal. It'll be the most authentic Hawaiian pizza you've ever eaten, even if they didn't come up with the idea.

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