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Top Reasons to Consider All Inclusive Travel

When you're planning a luxury vacation, you likely have three things in mind: Fun, relaxation, & your budget. These are crucial aspects of any successful getaway, but they can be hard to balance. However, all inclusive travel means you can have it all. If you're unsure, here are a few of the ways that these resorts can help you have a truly memorable trip without breaking the bank.

No surprises There's nothing that can kill that carefree island vibe than an unexpected cost. At an all inclusive resort, there are no hidden fees, so you can be sure that whatever you budgeted for your trip, it'll be easy to stick to. Knowing that means you can use your extra cash on fun souvenirs or other extras freely without the worry that you'll be hit with a bevy of charges on your credit card that you didn't plan for. After all, the last thing you should be worrying about while you're lounging on the beach in Bora Bora is money.

Endless activities The action nearly never stops at an all inclusive resort. Smarter Travel explained that this makes these hotels ideal for people who like to keep busy throughout their trip, as there is always something to do, whether it's a round of golf or scuba diving lessons. Often there's even a spa & fitness facilities on site for your pleasure, meaning you don't have to head to an outside overpriced facility for your pampering. While a massage may not be included in the price, you benefit from the convenience of getting one just steps from your hotel room – & the ocean.

Your fill of fare You'll never be hungry at an all inclusive resort & no matter your craving, it can probably be satisfied. Because many of these hotels include meals at a variety of on-site restaurants in the package, as well as drinks from top-shelf liquors & acclaimed wineries, you're able to indulge without the spending guilt.

Simplified logistics If you're planning a group getaway or a family vacation, all inclusive travel is ideal because you'll avoid the headache of how much everything will cost, where you'll go & what you'll do. You won't even have to worry about any awkward moments involving tipping at a restaurant, as gratuity will be included.

Ultimate flexibility Whether you're booking a week-long trip with the kids or want an adults-only romantic vacation, there's an all inclusive resort for you. Some hotels even cater to family time, offering kid-friendly pools & activities as part of the package. Others are meant for the grown-ups to kick back in a serene, child-free environment where their every need is catered to.

Plus, you always have the freedom to leave if you're eager to do some sightseeing or take a boat ride to a nearby island. The concierge desk can usually direct you to tour operators right in the lobby who can send you off to explore lush rain-forest canopies or ancient ruins.

Less fretting, more fun Taking out your wallet for every single snack, drink & activity isn't just annoying – it can cause distress. George Loewenstein, professor of economics & psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, told U.S. News & World Report that in fact, when you purchase products & services individually, you're a lot more cognizant of your spending. Loewenstein even conducted research on people's spending decisions, & found that when people pay for things, the areas of the brain connected to pain are triggered. That means the more you're swiping your credit card, the more negative feelings you'll have. At an all inclusive resort, however, he asserted that you'll benefit from "prospective accounting" – since everything is already paid for, it almost feels free.

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