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Top Jewelry Shops in Antigua

Antigua is no doubt a dazzling island. From the sparkling cerulean waters to the glittering sun, the inherent beauty of the surroundings here is blindingly beautiful. So what better way to commemorate luxury travel here than with some new stunning jewelry?

There are plenty of shops, some well-known & others more hidden, that offer the perfect souvenir accessories to remind you of your Antigua vacation. Here are some of the top spots that are worth a trip:

Goldsmitty ​It's no wonder Gourmet Magazine called Hans Smit "a modern day Faberge." This expert goldsmith forms gold, black coral & precious stones into unique sculptures for you to wear for a lifetime. Even if you don't plan on taking a piece home for yourself, stop by to admire the intricate baubles that he fashions right on the premises, including an orante gold fishbone pendant or glowing ocean spray opal earrings.

Isis This boutique in Redcliffe Quay is a haven for jewelry collectors, with a vast variety of sterling silver pieces designed by both local island artists & international craftsmen. According to TravelMuse, there is also an impressive selection of antique jewelry on hand. You might consider a handmade ivory jewelry box to house your baubles, & all of the accessories make a great gift for someone back home. The shop also has an unusual array of pottery & other ornaments.

Silver Chelles If you're looking for an ocean-inspired treasure to remind you of your luxury vacation, this relatively new boutique in Redcliffe Quay is the perfect place to find one. From a sterling silver starfish pendant on a leather cord to a bracelet with sea creature charms, you'll have a bevy of baubles to choose from that can incorporate the spirit of Antigua into your everyday style. Each & every piece at Silver Chelles is handcrafted, meaning that they're all completely one-of-a-kind. One of the most popular items is the stunning blue nautilus pendant. It's a double-sided necklace that features a mesmerizing seashell disk for two different looks.

Abbott's Jewelry You're sure to spot a few brands you're familiar with at this family-owned duty-free luxury shop. From Rolex & Cartier watches to David Yurman & Roberto Coin jewels, there is a wide selection of exquisite on-trend pieces to fit any occasion or taste. Search Antigua recommended stopping here to check out handmade baubles by Antica Murrina & the crystal Swarovski collection.

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