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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Trip to Tahiti

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

So you've decided to take a Beach Bum Vacation – congratulations, you're already on your way to total bliss. Now the only question is where you should jet off to for some sun & fun, & Tahiti may prove to be the ideal destination. 

The beauty You cannot beat the stunning views in Tahiti. Between the rugged mountain peaks, lush tropical flora & fauna, white sand beaches & crystal-clear lagoons, you'll definitely have no shortage of breathtaking backdrops for photos during your luxury vacation. This destination is also a flower lover's dream, with a number of exotic varieties flourishing here, which give off an intoxicating aroma. For these reasons, Tahiti is an optimal choice for honeymoons, destination weddings & other romantic occasions. The sensuality of the environment is bound to cast a spell that lasts long after your getaway is over.

The climate Unlike other tropical environments, Tahiti's climate revolves around a "wet" & "dry" season. That means you don't have to worry about rainfall ruining your entire trip if you travel here at a particular time of year. For the most part, the weather is sunny, with the occasional localized shower passing over. In fact, Tahiti doesn't follow real seasons at all, & the temperatures are relatively consistent from day to night. Due to the location of these islands in the Pacific, there isn't a considerable risk of cyclones & hurricanes, either. All of this translates to pretty perfect conditions for a relaxing getaway.

The convenience With daily nonstop flights from major airports in the U.S., it isn't difficult to jet to Tahiti. It's only about as far south of the equator as Hawaii is north of it. Plus, you face minimal jetlag as Tahiti is in the same time zone as Hawaii, which is merely two hours behind California from November to March & three hours behind from March to October. 

As an added bonus, you don't have to stress about not knowing the language – the vast majority of locals & hotel staff speak English.

The privacy If intimacy is your priority, look no further than Tahiti. These islands sees far fewer tourists than other spots in the Caribbean, & additionally, the resorts here don't accommodate as many guests. That means you can enjoy this awe-inspiring place without being faced with crowds. Many of the hotels here even offer secluded coves, & private beach-front bungalows so you can feel as if you're on your own private island.

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