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Three Family Adventures in Punta Cana

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

What's a family vacation without a little excitement? Your daily life may be filled with obligations & responsibilities, but a luxury vacation with your loved ones is the perfect opportunity to let loose & try something totally new. While Punta Cana may be known more for its stunning seaside towns & breathtaking beaches, there are plenty of thrilling attractions that can be fun for your whole family. From diving trips & other water tours to unbelievable natural sites ripe for exploration, you're bound to form a few lasting memories while on a trip here.

These are just a few of the experiences that you won't want to miss:

Fun Fun Cave The name of this landmark says it all. Right in the middle of the tropical forests of Los Haitises National Park, Fun Fun Cave is a system of tunnels that are 65 feet underground. This spot is truly a hidden treasure, & with awe-inspiring West Indian rock art as well as majestic stalactite & stalagmite formations all around you, it's easy to get lost in the overwhelming beauty. You can spend a whole day exploring & learning about the region's history. Afterward, you'll definitely want to take a dip in the National Park's river. Don't forget to stop by the new gift shop for a handmade souvenir. After all, without bringing a memento home, you may not even believe that your visit to this magical place was real.

Manati Park What's more thrilling than observing exotic animals you've never seen? Getting up close & personal with them, of course. That's exactly what you'll do at Manati Park, a nature-themed amusement park that allows you to swim with the dolphins, watch performing parrots & interact with all kinds of other creatures. You'll also get to see a sea lion show & even catch a glimpse of multicolored macaws, flamingos, iguanas & snakes. If you're more curious about the local culture than you are about the animal life, your whole family will delight in the live Taino dancing & horseback riding. You'll definitely need a break from all the excitement, & Manati Park has a bevy of places to recharge with a refreshing cocktail & a delicious meal.

Parque Nacional del Este As one of the Caribbean's biggest marine reserves, the Parque Nacional del Este is home to an incredibly diverse array of life, including more than 570 species of plant & 112 species of bird. While you're bird-watching, be sure to keep an eye out for a few rare beauties like the white-crowned pigeon, the Hispaniolan parrot, the magnificent frigatebird, the herring gull & the brown pelican. All you need to do to get here is look for a guide at the ranger post & pay a small entrance fee.

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