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The World’s Best Topless Beaches

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

View of a woman at a topless beach looking out over the water

The World’s Best Topless Beaches

Bring Your Birthday Suit

When you got it, flaunt it! Visits to nude and topless beaches have grown in popularity over the years, and many are now opting for full-on ‘nakations’ as a way to destress and express themselves in a judgment-free zone. We’ve rounded up just a few of the best topless beaches across the globe, where your top half is bare and no one cares.

Sign on a beach in the sand that reads attention beyond this point you may encounter nude

Haulover Nude Beach

Part of the larger Haulover Beach Park in Miami, Florida, Haulover Nude Beach is a 0.4-mile slice of clothing-optional paradise between Bal Harbor and Sunny Isles Beach. It’s often ranked among the top 10 nudist beaches worldwide and is Florida’s oldest recognized public nude beach. Grab a bite to eat at the concession stands or lie down a blanket in one of the many picnic areas before catching a wave unhindered by swim trunks or bikinis. Haulover Nude Beach is especially revered for its ‘all are welcome’ attitude, and kids are even allowed to take in this freeing naturalist environment. Their slogan says it best: Dare to Go Bare!

Collage of four images with beach views and rock formations on a beach, palm trees, aerial view of a beach and a woman on a beach tree on the beach with her arms stretched out

Praia de Tambaba

Where Haulover Nude Beach attracts several thousand visitors a day, Praia de Tambaba in Conde, Brazil is a much quieter, secluded beach area surrounded by vegetation that closes a curtain to the world outside. Enjoy a serene setting with astoundingly warm waters, naturally-formed sandstone tide pools, and a private beach bar to accommodate your cravings. If you visit in August, you can participate in or sit back and watch the Open de Surf Naturista, a nude surfing festival. Any clothing is prohibited in the nudist section of Praia de Tambaba, so get ready to embrace the all-natural you!

Red Beach in Crete, Greece showing the sand, water, and the limestone cliffs

Red Beach

The aptly-named Red Beach in Crete, Greece is famous for its colored sand, limestone cliffs, and lack of inhibitions. A favorite of nudist beach-goers in the 1960s and 70s, this remote area is completely what you make it. There are no rental facilities on the property, so make sure to pack accordingly! Explore the nearby caves, take a dip in the sparkling Aegean Sea, or bathe in the sunlight to get a taste of the blissfully simple life.

Collage of four beach images with an aerial view of a island, view of a pool at an resort, view of the ocean with a couple holding hands and walking in the sand, and an aerial view of land and sand and the ocean

Couples Resorts Beaches

These all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica are the perfect combination of freedom and sophistication. With amazing locations to choose from—like Couples San Souci, Negril, Tower Isle, and Swept away, these resorts redefine romance. Experience the ultimate relaxation on their pristine beaches, where you can choose to unwind topless and/or nude with the gorgeous Caribbean as your backdrop.

Aerial view of clear blue water with a boat on the water

Gouverneur Beach

Much like the Red Beach in Crete, Gouverneur Beach in St. Barts is known for its complete seclusion. There are no amenities or hotels within sight, which provides you with total privacy to enjoy the sandy white beaches and bright blue waters after you head down a hidden path through the trees toward the topless area. This beach is typically uncrowded, and you may even be lucky enough to have the entire property to yourself.

A walkway to a beach surrounded with tiki huts and palm trees

Temptation Resorts Beaches

Renowned as adult-centric, superior all-inclusive, and topless-optional, Temptation Resorts stands out among the best topless beaches worldwide. Here, guests are invited to embrace their free-spirited side and bask in the tropical beauty of the Caribbean…topless! Get ready to feel the warm embrace of the sun on your skin as you bask in the beauty of the pristine beaches, where topless sunbathing is not only welcomed but celebrated.

Yellow beach chairs and umbrellas lined up along the sand along the water with a mountain view in the background

Orient Beach

Discover the relaxed charm of Orient Beach in St. Martin, known for its casual approach to sunbathing. The Club Orient section is the designated clothing-optional area, attracting naturists looking for a laid-back experience. St. Martin's French side is open to lots of topless sunbathing, offering a welcoming vibe. For a more secluded adventure, explore lesser-known beaches for a discreet dip or uninterrupted sunbathing. St. Martin is definitely a great choice for a carefree Caribbean escape!

Goodbye, Tan Lines!

Step outside of your comfort zone and explore your confident, adventurous side with a trip to these beautiful nudist beaches. We have a feeling you’ll thank us later!

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