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The Wild Side of Jamaica Lies to the Southwest

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

On luxury travel to Jamaica, many people only see the northern portion of the island & everything that comes with the 5 star resorts near it. To get the complete Jamaican experience, travelers often venture to the southern part of the island where the wild adventures of the nation await. While it is a bit more isolated compared to many of the typical attractions, travelers will be well rewarded when they see a side of Jamaica completely unlike anywhere else on the island.

The Sandals Whitehouse European village & spa provides a luxurious infusion of the different influences that helped shape the region & serves as an excellent jumping off point for the adventures of the area. This Beach Bum video explores the rooms, restaurants & other attractions the resort offers.

There are a number of tourism groups operating in the area that provides visitors with the chance to explore the coast on voyages. Vacationers can go on a safari along the Black River, for instance, where people have the opportunity to see crocodiles lurking in the water, reported USA Today.

Like a scene straight out of a jungle story, tourists at the YS Falls can swing from the vines hanging on the trees to drop into a pool at the bottom of a waterfall for a memory like no other.

Tourists can sample some Jamaican rum at the famous Appleton Rum Estate situated along the river. The estate has been operating since colonial times, according to its official website. When the English occupied the island many years ago, they discovered upon transporting the rum back to England that the longer the liquid calmly rocked in the barrels on the ships riding the waves, the smoother it tasted. Now the estate experiments with all kinds of techniques to make a lighter rum for people to enjoy.

Those looking for a more romantic site can visit Lover's Leap & contemplate the beauty of the 1,600-foot cliff at the sea's edge. There, legend says two slaves jumped to their deaths instead of being separated.

The exotic southern coast of Jamaica provides an exciting escape that simply cannot be experienced by the side of a pool. Tourists can make their vacation interesting by exploring the wild side of the tropical island.

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