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The Most Dangerous Places To Travel

View from the bottom of the airplane in the sky with palm tree leaves around it

The Most Dangerous Places To Travel

A definitive guide to what to watch out for as you explore the world…

The Well-Traveled…

Let’s start off by saying that just because a place can be a little dangerous, does not mean you should never visit it. In fact, that’s exactly what we are going to tell you about today. Sure, some places may be inaccessible due to the nature of their political or natural state of affairs, but there are plenty of destinations in the world where you can get a little dangerous, and still have an unforgettable experience. Here we go!

Three lions standing in an open field in Africa


In and of itself, Africa is known as the cradle of humanity and holds the key to experiencing some of the true dangers of planet Earth. What do we mean? Well, where else can you venture into a desert and come face-to-face with a lion or cheetah? Exactly. Africa is home to the Big 5 game animals and offers you the exclusive chance to live on the wild side, quite literally!

Visiting Africa can be an incredible experience with the right itinerary. Make sure to contact us before you embark on your journey to this amazing destination.

Scuba Diver in the blue waters of Hawaii with arm up giving the "ok" sign


You might be scratching your head right now and that’s okay! Surprisingly, believe it or not, Hawaii is actually home to some more dangerous excursions—and you thought it was all sunshine and rainbows! The way you take the danger needle up in Hawaii is by scuba diving and volcano excursions. Both of these activities will take you off the beaten path and put you face-to-face with the forces of nature.

A little dangerous, yes, but well worth the adrenaline rushes of seeing a shark or seeing how close you can get to lava. Either way, Hawaii is a place of contrast where this danger is ever greeted by lush resorts and tropical weather.

Beautiful scenic view of mountains in Alaska covered in snow


Let’s take the temp down a little…Alaska is a wondrous and magical place where you have the opportunity to witness things like the northern lights and whales breaching the water in the bays and waterways. However, Alaska is a place of extreme cold that is matched with some really indomitable weather. This destination flips the traditional vacation on its head and calls for winter coats and snow blindness protection, especially if you plan to truly experience some of the extremes in this region of the world.

Hit a dangerous double black diamond ski slope and brave the cold while you snow ski through the mountains. Avalanches are a real thing here, so be sure to always stay vigilant when vacationing here!

Danger Is Your Middle Name

We picked up on your dangerous side, and let us tell you, there are vacations out there for you. Give the Beach Bums a call and tell us that you are ready to take your travels to a more extreme level and see what this world really has to offer. We’re more than happy to oblige your request!

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