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The Dos & Don'ts Of Europe

A husband, wife, and son taking a fun photo in Europe

The Dos & Don'ts Of Europe

Some things to remember about popular European vacation destinations

Get Ahead of the Culture Shock

Europe. It’s a place that makes its way onto many bucket lists, but many travelers don’t take the time to learn about the culture of where they are going! Well, that can cause a lot of awkward situations—and we are here to give you a heads up on the dos and don’ts for some of the most popular European vacation destinations. Skip the culture shock and be a more informed traveler. Let’s get started!

A city scape photo from the water showing beautiful architecture in England


This destination is the closest to U.S. culture but still has some major differences. So, here are our thoughts:


  • When talking to locals or interacting, it is actually okay to distinguish which part of the UK they are from if appropriate. Just avoid any stereotypes in the identification!

  • Stay away from difficult topics or blunt conversations, especially with strangers or staff like waiters or bartenders.


  • Start confrontations. This is basically anywhere but the British like to minimize confrontations and avoid embarrassment.

  • Take jokes too seriously. You’re going to a place where people like to tease, it is just their way of life!

A photo taken from the sky of France


If you can master the language, then you can master the culture. France brings a romantic air to your vacation and here are some tips when visiting this lovely country:


  • Start conversations in the native tongue and then switch to English if you cannot continue. This shows effort and respect for the people here.

  • Have an open mind. The land of romance will also show you attractive people often being openly admired. Don’t get uncomfortable…just don’t participate if that is not your style!

  • Dress up more. In France, people do not go out in public with slides or sweatpants on. Even if you need to run for a quick drink or bite to eat, dress your best.


  • As for takeaway boxes or to-go boxes. This is viewed as rude and cheap here.

  • Alter food or make special requests unless medically required. This is viewed as rude in France.

  • Skip out on experiences. Order more food (this is actually the norm), take a romantic picture, and talk to people. France opens up more as soon as you do!

A photo taken from the water facing the beautiful city of Italy


Where culture and cuisine meet in Mediterranean bliss, Italy will welcome you with open arms. Here is how you take on Italy like a seasoned traveler:


  • Show off your best outfits and appearance. You’ll fit in if you dress nicely in modern and crisp clothing.

  • If touring a church, knees, shoulders, and midriff should be covered. You may be denied entrance based on attire.

  • No short shorts either! These are typically an unacceptable fashion statement in Italy.


  • Try not to rush things in Italy. This ancient land has a slower pace with retail stores and eating establishments closing mid-day 1pm to 4pm daily. This is also a time for you to rest!

  • If you are with locals or your group at dinner, don’t leave the table until everyone is finished. Getting up is often viewed as very rude in Italy.

  • Deface or touch any relics, ancient monuments, and other notable tourist attractions. This can even have criminal implications. It’s simple…look, don’t touch.

Top view photo of an old style camera and passport sitting on a map of Europe

Europe Is Yours

These three destinations just scratch the surface of what Europe has to offer, but they are some of the most common destinations we see people craving to visit! Hopefully, now you feel a little more confident about some of the general acceptable and unacceptable things to watch out for when you go. Our team will also make sure you are well prepared all around including essential insight like this when you plan your trip with us! Take on Europe like the pro that you are today.

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