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The Best Excursions & Where to Find Them

Safari vehicle best excursion with passengers near an elephant with green scenery

The Best Excursions & Where to Find Them

Vacation ideas to inspire your next getaway…

Your Wild Side

Calling all adventurers and thrill seekers…the Beach Bums have put together a top tier list of some of the best excursions you can find around the world! That’s right, our top 5 favorite picks for igniting that adrenaline rush from the expert brains of our travel advisors. Get inspired below and let our team know what experience is calling your name—we’ll make sure you can answer the call. 😉

#1: Sloths & Ziplines

If it’s nature that really gets your wheels turning, look no further than Costa Rica—where nature, all-inclusive, and thrill come together in perfect harmony. Alongside stunning resort options and boutique hotels, you’ll find access to natural experiences and adventures like no other in the world. You’ll find secluded sloth tours, national parks, waterfalls, and of course zip lining over the jungle canopies. Please do not take any sloths on the zipline with you though!

Want a fully loaded trip to Costa Rica that comes with all the adventure you could ever dream of? Give us a ring!

#2: Is That A LION?!

Well, if you go to Africa to experience a wild safari, it most likely IS a lion. Africa boasts some of the world's most ancient wonders and offers a wealth of adventure-stimulating activities. Be a part of wild game drives or take a guided safari tour to see some wildlife that could definitely have you for dinner—that’s why it’s so thrilling! Our experts can link you with a plethora of extraordinary resorts and hotels. Rest assured, we'll ensure your visit to Africa is a perfect balance of luxury and adventure. So, come and explore Africa firsthand!

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#3: Now That’s Hot

Hawaii brings the heat in our third spot with its scenic and challenging volcanoes and surrounding hiking trails. This is one of the few places in the world where you can explore multiple islands that all bring their own flare of thrills and adventure to your vacation. The most famous volcano in Hawaii is Kīlauea, but there are actually a total of 6 volcanoes you can visit in Hawaii within the national parks. Also renowned for their resorts, you’ll be in heaven as you enjoy all-inclusive pampering after your adventures to the volcanoes.

#4: A Whale of a Good Time

The unique blend of land and sea and a slew of natural wonders is what makes Alaska an astonishing and unforgettable place to vacay. In the vast open waters of the seas and bays of Alaska, you’ll be able to experience whale watching like no other place in the world. With a ton of options from lodging to cruises to choose from, you’ll be able to blend adventure with comfort when you take on Alaska with the Beach Bum team. And we get it…humpback is a funny name for a whale!

#5: Take a Dive

Our last pick for the best excursion is the Maldives, where some of the best scuba diving in the world can be found! With crystal clear waters, pristine wildlife, and endless opportunities this collection of islands will have you living the good life while scratching that adventurer itch. It’s also home to some of the best overwater bungalow options you can find that put you that much closer to nature and the ocean during your vacay. Snorkel or scuba your way through a getaway to paradise you’ll never forget.

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Enjoy the Ride

Life should always feel like a vacation, but when you’re on an actual vacation, it should feel even better! Connect with our team and tell us about the excursion that got you excited to travel and we’ll throw together an itinerary to take you there. We do all the planning. You do all the vacation-ing. It’s that simple!

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