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Take a Mud Bath in St. Lucia

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

St. Lucia may be one of the most romantic location in the Caribbean for honeymoons or island weddings, with its rising mountain peaks surrounded by pristine tropical waters. Tourists have many opportunities to take in the beauty of the land & the sea while doing a number of activities ranging from hiking & rock climbing to diving & Jet Skiing. However, sometimes a vacations warrants an experience unobtainable anywhere else in honor of your travel destination. Everyone needs a crazy story to tell everyone back home upon return. Don't worry though, St. Lucia has that too.

A unique volcano The Soufriere volcano sits near a town of the same name with little worry. It has been dormant for centuries, according to Rain-forest Adventures St. Lucia. There are a few factors that make this volcano different from the others in the Caribbean as well as the rest of the world. It's the only volcano where visitors can actually drive through the crater. The road leads across the surface of the peak, giving anyone brave enough the chance to cross the section that was erupting far away in the past.

Locals at the village pride themselves on the fact that they live near, & some even within the boundary, of the world's only drive-in volcano, as stated by St. Lucia Vacation guide.

Get clean with a mud bath One of the most popular attractions of the volcano are the natural Sulfur Springs produced by the geothermal energy & warm water released from the earth. While it may smell like rotten eggs, a bath in the springs is thought to do wonders for your skin. Instead of taking a spa day back at the hotel, dip into the murky waters atop of a volcano. Due to the constant deposit of various minerals over the years, an array of colors cover the rocks at the peak.

The waters are hotter than your average bath, but what do you expect from an underground stream exiting one of the most intense forces of nature? The Sulfur Springs in St. Lucia offer any tourists the chance to infuse two different aspects of vacationing into one. Visitors can feed their need for a thrill while also relaxing in natural leisure. One things is for sure, you'll have quite the tale to tell all your friends & family when you return from your trip.

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