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Swim with the Aquatic Life of Bora Bora

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

People from all over the world come to see the treasure that is Bora Bora. Much of the island's allure comes from what visitors can do in the blue-green waters surrounding the coasts & its lagoons below. Tourism is the main economical factor, along with other industries revolving around the sea because of the lack of land on the island. Much of what the hotels & resorts offer in Bora Bora center on the beauty of the marine ecosystem & the wildlife that inhabits it. Adult vacations in Tahiti offer the chance to experience the life under the sea in a way nowhere else can offer.

Bora Bora: Beneath the surface Resorts like the Four Seasons in Bora Bora utilize the destination's location in what it offers tourists to the area. The hotel features bungalows raised above the waters & its very own lagoon sanctuary. There, you can take part in snorkeling excursions & feeding sessions for fish & octopus under the guidance of biologists teamed with the Pacific Eco-World Initiative in conserving these environments, according to the Four Seasons' official site.

Tahiti Tourism says some hotels even offer services that bring you breakfast right up to your bungalow by paddling canoe in the morning.

One of Bora Bora's main underwater attractions is the Lagoonarium, an authentic portion of the island's reef & lagoon where visitors can take tours guided by official wildlife experts for an opportunity to learn about the ecosystem & its residents firsthand.

During this luxury travel experience, you can feed schools of sharks & rays, sail, dive, Jet Ski & anything else you can think of to become in tune with your inner nautical explorer. You'll wish you had gills & fins before the end, but can settle for oxygen tanks & flippers. Speed away in a motorboat to private islands reserved entirely for you by your hotel where you can sprawl out in a picture-perfect image of paradise, knowing that exotic sea creatures swim around you & thinking of how your face could be the only one the fresh breeze has touched for miles around you as you sit in the middle of the Pacific.

A new kind of vacation When people travel on far away vacations to island resorts, they often only focus on the world sticking out from the oceans. They forget about the whole other side to where they are & all it has to provide in terms of beauty & escape. Slip underneath the waves on your next trip to a tropical paradise & witness the true extent of its reach.

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