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Swim Up on Your Honeymoon

Though luxury travel is always relaxing, no one should be more at peace & happy than on a honeymoon in the Caribbean. It's the time when all you have to focus on is your loved one & the destination you're enjoying together. If you're looking to just get some alone time & not do anything crazy, St. Lucia may have the ideal hotel for you to stay at. For those days when you don't really want to leave the hotel room, but do want to enjoy the sun, pool & maybe even a drink, the Calabash Cove Resort offers the perfect solution.

The common dilemma of not wanting to get out of the pool can be avoided at the Sweetwater bar, where visitors can glide straight to the swim-up bar from their hotel rooms. You'll never have to get out of the water unless you decide to at this pool, which is located atop a hill with a gentle slope descending towards the Caribbean sea. The pool is equipped with an infinity border that looks as if it feeds into the sea itself. The Sweetwater pool bar is also a great location to catch the sunset at night straight from the water. During the day, if you need a break from the water you can hop out & lay back in the mahogany chairs to dry off & soak up the tropical sun.

Enjoy some food or drinks at the bar without ever having to travel far at this luxurious location. If you're lucky enough to be staying at the Calabash Cove Resort during New Year's Eve, the pool provides a perfect spot to witness the fireworks launching up from Castries close by once the day draws to a close. If you're ready for a time of rest & leisure, book a trip to this exotic destination for your honeymoon to enjoy it with the one you love.

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