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Stop by the Big Sand Cay

When on a luxury travel trip to the Turks & Caicos, there are many chances to leave the comforting services of the 5 star hotels & see the raw side of the island chain. If you're up for a boat ride either from the Grand Cayman or Salt Cay, you can experience the remote beauty of the Big Sand Cay.

The uninhabited island doesn't see many visitors besides the occasional tour boat passing by, but this small island has many sights to offer interested tourists despite its meek appearance at first glance, reported USA Today.

There are many thrilling activities to do in the waters off Big Sand Cay's coast where the high corals protect you from the waves. The location is good for snorkeling with the metal anchors & chains of the British warship, the HMS Endymion, decorating the sea floor. The ship hit reefs & sank in 1790, according to When Where How. Tales of buried pirate treasure are also sure to keep the adventurous alert while visiting the island.

But perhaps the best sight on Big Sand Cay occurs only during the spring when nurse sharks gather to mate in its small bay, stated USA Today. The display of dorsal fins protruding from the water will be an unforgettable experience, especially with humpback whales swimming by in the background toward their own mating areas.

As a protected bird sanctuary, Big Sand Cay provides you with a deep connection to nature on land & in the sea. For some quiet time away from the popular tourist destinations back on Turks & Caicos, Big Sand Cay gives a nice contrast for either exploration or relaxation. If you feel like visiting the last piece of land in the Bahamian chain, this island gives you more than enough to do to make a day trip of it.

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