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St. Lucia’s Pigeon Island National Park Has Something for Everyone

When you jet off on luxury vacations to St. Lucia, you'll find there's something for everyone at Pigeon Island National Park. This nature reserve was once an island off the coast of St. Lucia, but it has since been connected to the mainland by a causeway, making it even more accessible for travelers. Whether you're a history buff or a beach bum, this park provides one of the best ways to explore the breathtaking island of St. Lucia.

For the history buff St. Lucia's Pigeon Island National Park has plenty to offer history buffs, especially those who are fascinated by the Caribbean's rich pirate history. While Pigeon Island was first occupied by the American Indians (including the Caribs), it was later taken over by pirates, led by a Norman captain named Francois Le Clerc. Since this fierce pirate had a wooden leg, he was given the clever nickname Wooden Leg. 

On the 44-acre island reserve, history lovers can also spot ruins of military buildings that were used during conflicts between the French & British, who both fought to gain control of the gorgeous island of St. Lucia. They can also visit the island's Interpretation Center, which houses artifacts from the area's fascinating past.

For the music fanatic Music fanatics should strive to visit Pigeon Island in April & May so they can attend the annual St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. In 2014, this event will be held from April 30 to May 11, featuring 50 world-renowned entertainers & artists. While the 2014 setlist has not been finalized yet, past performers have included Diana Ross, Ziggy Marley, John Legend, Ne-Yo, Wyclef Jean, UB40, Kenny G, Boyz II Men, & the late Amy Winehouse.

For the beach bum Beach bums will be delighted to know that Pigeon Island has two sandy beaches with calm, turquoise waters, making them ideal for swimming, snorkeling or just soaking up the Caribbean sun. If you're hungry after your fun in the sun, head to Jambe de Bois, the island's restaurant known for serving up fresh Caribbean fare. 

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