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Special Touches for a Destination Wedding

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Destination weddings have the potential to be just as memorable for guests as they are for the bride & groom. The key to making one of these events truly memorable is ensuring all of the attendees feel comfortable & appreciated. It's ultimately the little things that count when it comes to these occasions. So whatever destination you choose, be it St. Lucia or Tahiti, be sure to make small, special touches to bring you & your guests' experience to a whole new level.

Here are a few ideas that are bound to bring a smile to their faces:

Exotic invites Put some thought into your initiations & people will be even more excited about the big day. If you're having a wedding in Riviera Maya or Cancun, you might make a save-the-date that emulates the traditional Mexican papel picado, a craft paper with intricate cutout designs. Or, you could make cards printed with local artists' work for a destination wedding in Jamaica. Several weeks before the ceremony, send out another teaser to raise their anticipation even further. A guide to the destination is a great idea because it will help them to get acquainted with the location before they travel. You might even include a packing checklist to make sure they don't forget anything important.

Welcome gifts Guests will be delighted if they're greeted with some goodies upon arrival. Leave a care package with a tote, sunblock & a disposable camera for beach weddings. You could also provide customized luggage tags to commemorate the event as a thoughtful souvenir. Providing them with beautiful woven fans is a nice idea for making sure guests stay cool at afternoon outdoor island weddings, when the sun is especially hot. Of course, a local bottle of wine is always a great gift idea to help your attendees kick off the festivities.

Signature cocktails While you're planning the reception, ask the bartender about creating a customized libation & a mocktail that's inspired by local ingredients. For example, a signature rum punch will keep attendees in the Jamaican mindset. A special grapefruit margarita or mango mojito will keep guests refreshed at a wedding in Mexico. In Hawaii, attendees could sip on a coconut-themed cocktail or a Kona Coffee-Tini for a taste of true island flavor. Of course, don't forget to give your signature drink a creative name, & consider putting the recipe in guests' gift bags so they can recreate the tasty drink at home.

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