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Sparks Will Fly at a Romantic Luau in Hawaii

When you just need to get away from it all, adult vacations are perfect relievers of stress & worry. Nothing beats sneaking away with that special someone to an exotic location so you can just focus on whatever you want. Adult vacations in Hawaii provide couples with numerous opportunities for romantic getaways where you can lay by the beach or attend one of the many festivals displaying the cultural heritage of this archipelago.

Some events, like the Merrie Monarch Festival, the largest hula competition in the world, are only held once a year, according to Go Hawaii. However, other events are put on more frequently so you can experience the Hawaiian spirit whenever you want, such as the Island Breeze Luau.

The Island Breeze Luau is put on at the historic beach at Kamakahonu Bay & runs straight into the night.

A luau surrounded by history Kamakahonu Bay is very special to native Hawaiians, as it was the home of the great chief who first united the island chain, stated the Honu Island Breeze Luau website. Kamehameha the Great was born & died here, surrounded by the natural beauty of his homeland. Now, visitors can witness the Royal Court Procession before the luau, a reenactment of when Kamehameha arrived to the bay.

When you come for the luau, you'll also be near other important sites to the heritage of the island such as Hulihe'e Palace & Moku'aikauwa Church, giving you the chance to explore if you want to spend a whole day in the area.

Experience the island's Polynesian culture Amidst all of the food, drinks & people is the hula dance at the Island Breeze Luau. Hula has been an important part of the Polynesian culture in Hawaii that has survived throughout the years. It was traditionally used as a way to tell stories as dancers move to the chants & songs sung by onlookers. You & your loved one can watch these graceful dances with torches lighting the beach & reflecting off the Pacific water.

Hula dancers & fire knife dancers will fill your evening, & island delicacies such as kalua pork and mai tais will fill your stomachs. For a true Hawaiian adventure, the atmosphere at the Island Breeze Luau will allow you to connect with the Polynesian history just as it has done for the locals all these years.

Be sure to acquire tickets for this event early, since they often run out fast. Regular luaus are put on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays, with some exceptions for particular holidays. For a night of Hawaiian customs mixed in with its history, people, food & beauty, the Island Breeze Luau brings it all together in one place. 

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