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Selecting a Signature Drink for Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding isn't just a special event for the bride & groom – it's also a unique opportunity for their loved ones to celebrate their marriage in an unusual & beautiful locale. With paradise as your backdrop, there's no doubt that your guests will have a memorable time on your big day. Just to make sure of it, though, you'll need to put some thought into the beverage menu at your reception. Having a signature drink is a way to personalize your wedding, & considering the fact that you're tying the knot in an exotic place, you'll likely want to choose yours based on the local flavor.

Before you pick a conventional cocktail, use these tips to help you concoct something perfect for your chosen destination:

Mexico You can't pick a more fitting drink than the margarita for a wedding in Mexico, but why not take things up a notch by infusing some unexpected fruit into the mix? For example, blood orange provides a refreshing twist, & the fruit's inherent tartness only magnifies the flavor of the classic cocktail.

If you're going for elegance at your affair, consider a tequila sparkler with triple sec, agave nectar, fresh raspberries & sparkling meyer lemon juice.

Jamaica It's no secret that most cocktails in Jamaica are based in rum, but how can you translate those recipes into a beverage for  destination weddings? A Jamaican Breeze, which combines rum, pineapple juice, simple syrup, angostura bitters & sliced fresh ginger, is an ideal option & bound to be a hit with both male & female guests. You might also opt for a classy sparkler, like one that combines Jamaican rum, sparkling wine, pomegranate & lime juice, orange bitters, simple syrup & pomegranate seeds to garnish.

Hawaii Beach weddings in Hawaii call for a tropical treat like the Lava Flow, which is inspired by the volcanoes that are abundant on these islands. This recipe, which comes from Cuisine Unlimited, includes light rum, coconut rum and strawberries on the bottom and banana, pineapple juice & coconut cream on top, resulting in a visual effect that resembles oozing lava. 

You might also go for a Kona Coffee-Tini martini for your big day. With fresh local coffee, Grand Marnier, macadamia nut liqueur & a touch of light cream, it's a delightful drink that celebrates one of Hawaii's specialties.

Caribbean There are endless possibilities when it comes to signature drinks for island weddings in the Caribbean, but consider the Aloha Sunrise. The recipe, which comes from Coastal Living magazine, is a crowd-pleaser & only requires sparkling wine, guava juice, pineapple juice & ginger ale.

A watermelon mai tai is another mouth-watering option, especially with the addition of fresh chopped watermelon, triple sec & grenadine.

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