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See the Southern Side of Jamaica

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

While adult vacations & luxury travel experiences usually usually take tourists to the northern side of Jamaica, the southern portion used to be the island's main tourist destination, according to USA Today. Back when most people arrived to Jamaica by sea instead of plane, Port Antonio was once the center for travel. While it may not be as popular today, there are plenty of opportunities for vacationers who are looking to get away from the popular destinations & resorts on their trip. Anyone who explores the southern area of the island will find a wonderful experience with the people & culture of Jamaica.

The charm of Port Antonio Port Antonio was once the preferred vacation destination for Hollywood celebrities such as Errol Flynn & Elizabeth Taylor, with luxurious yachts regularly cruising into its two harbors. Now, the spot provides secluded beaches as well as a thriving natural environment for tourists to enjoy. A contrasting image to the bustling spots like Montego Bay, Port Antonio has taken on a vintage atmosphere that may be even more appealing to some.

The area surrounding Port Antonio has everything a traveler could want with beautiful hikes & many opportunities to spy the exotic wildlife of the island. There's plenty of Jamaican style cooking to sample the culture's cuisine.

Music fans may be interested in Geejam studio where many popular artists, such as Keith Richards & Björk, have come to record their music. Any aspiring musicians can even schedule a recording session at the studio to tape their tracks.

The romantic side of Jamaica One of the best places to go to around Port Antonio with a loved one is the Rio Grande river. There, couples can book a ride on a bamboo raft for a three-hour voyage down the 6-mile river, according to

The trip is a very intimate one since there is only enough room for two passengers on the raft, and you'll both get to enjoy the scenery as the captain guides the small vessel down the quiet river. The trip is said to have been started by Errol Flynn himself as a way to entertain his Hollywood guests, but now it is enjoyed by all romantic pairs.

If you're visiting around the time of the full moon, special sunset trips can be arranged  for when the sun sets to create a truly amorous experience you won't soon forget.

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