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Saona Island: The Most Popular Day Trip in Punta Cana

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

If you're thinking about hitting Punta Cana for luxury vacation travel soon, then there's one stop you have to make during the excursion. One of the most popular day trips in the Dominican is a boat ride to Saona Island, off the coast of the main island, reported Seavis Bay Ahibe. There, away from the 5 star resorts, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful tropical settings in the world, made famous in scenes from Hollywood movies such as the "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Saona island is host to a wide array of natural wonders with the postcard beauty everyone expects from a vacation in the Caribbean & you can enjoy it along with the hundreds of thousands of other tourists that stop by every year, the source stated.

Getting to the island in tropical style Saona Island is only around 16 square miles in size, according to Punta Cana Tours, but that doesn't stop hordes of travelers from getting there any way they can. There are many tours that bring visitors to the island, stopping at some of its most popular attractions along the way.

You can book a speed boat to zip you across the waves or opt for a slower catamaran voyage to enjoy the ride with relaxing features such as Latin music & an open bar.

When you approach Saona Island's long, white sand beaches hugging the turquoise waters rushing toward the island with the palm trees rising behind, you might see exactly what Christopher Columbus, who named the island, did when he came to the island in 1494, stated the source.

As part of the National Park Del Este, Saona Island's main draw is its natural beauty, not just on the land, but in the waters around it. This makes your journey there part of the appeal. The 50 minutes it takes to reach the island's shores can be spent admiring its approaching splendor or looking for the coral reefs below the waves along the way.

What to do on this out-of-the-way Caribbean island One of the most popular things to do at Saona Island can be accomplished before even stepping foot ashore. In the middle of the sea is a natural swimming pool formed by one of the largest sand bars in the world, stated Punta Cana Excursions. You can stand waist-deep in the middle of the ocean just as if you were in a swimming pool back at the hotel, except with hundreds starfish lining the sandy bottom.

Once you make your way to shore, it's time to relax. You can swim around Saona Island's clear waters or even just take a nice nap in a hammock by the beach. All across the island are natural pools & lagoons to explore, as well as many different species of unique animals to observe. The island is a haven for anyone interested in bird-watching, with exotic species that can't be found back home in the yard, reported USA Today.

Saona Island isn't just populated by tourists either. Small villages such as Mano Juan only have a couple hundred people living in them, but they provide an untarnished view of the local culture for you to experience. It won't be hard to understand how the island can be so relaxing once you interact with the locals & their easygoing lifestyle.

A day trip to Saona Island is the perfect chance for you to start your vacation off at the right pace. You can spend all day in paradise, enjoying the scenery around you & doing whatever you want.

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