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Relax on the Shores of Jamaica

Sometimes during luxury travel & family vacations, all you want to do is relax. There are no set rules for what you have to do on vacation, especially when you're in a tropical paradise like Jamaica. Your trip is about doing whatever you want to make you happy & keep your mind of the stresses of everyday life. It doesn't matter if you vent your worries through daring activities or leisure on the sandy shores, there are loads of opportunities no matter where on the island you stay.

Anyone looking for some adventure can experience the beauty of Jamaica's raw landscape in a number of ways. Perhaps one of the best is to see the lush green rain-forest of the countryside by speeding across a zip line hanging hundreds of feet above the green canopy below. According to Rain-forest Adventures, one of the most popular tourist destinations is at the famous Mystic Mountain where visitors can experience what it's like to be a bobsledder. The only difference is you'll be almost riding a roller-coaster as the sled takes you speeding down a wired track in a ride so exhilarating, you might miss all the scenery.

Anyone looking to simply hit the sands can do so amongst the dunes of white grains at Hellshire Beach or swim in the safe, warm waters overlooking the outstretching sea. If you want to gain a bit of knowledge during your trip, learn about the country's reggae history at the Bob Marley Museum. Another unique chance is at some of the clear lagoons, where travelers can swim with bottlenose dolphins & even have them pull you through the waters – if you're lucky.

Everyone is a different kind of vacationer. There aren't many places that can cater to all, but Jamaica offers a wide variety of attractions that'll please everyone.

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