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Prepare to be Amazed at the Bora Bora Lagoonarium

There's plenty to do on a luxury vacation in the French Polynesia, but no experience can quite match the Bora Bora Lagoonarium. As the largest Tahitian-owned & operated park of its kind, this is the place for animal lovers & nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you're looking for a fun way to spend a day with your sweetheart or for an activity that will keep all your kids happy on a family vacation, this spot is a must on your itinerary.

Here's all you need to know about this unique outdoor aquarium:

Planning your trip The family-owned Bora Bora Lagoonarium is situated on a small island east of the mainland. This is not your typical aquarium, either. Unlike its man-made counterparts, this attraction is actually an extension of the lagoon. If you have a whole day to spend, it's worth opting for the full-day tour, which costs about $106 & goes from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. On the other hand, a half-day morning or afternoon tour, which range from $69 to $81, still offer plenty of excitement if you just want to pass a few hours here. Fortunately, kids ages 3 to 10 get in half price. Either way, be sure to book a reservation ahead of time to make sure you have a spot. Don't worry about transportation, as the site will schedule a time to pick you up from your resort. 

A unusual experience One of the main reasons why this lagoonarium is so well-known is that it offers an opportunity other similar attractions don't: the chance to swim with the aquatic animals. Under the careful supervision of the well-trained wildlife guides, you'll get to snorkel for closer observation of the teeming tropical fish, turtles & rays that call the shallow marine park home. As you get up close & personal with these stunning native creatures, the guides will demonstrate the best & safest ways to interact with them. 

How else can you fill your time at the lagoonarium? The full-day package includes a canoe tour of Bora Bora, a special visit to the Bora Bora Coral Gardens & even a barbecue picnic on the privately-owned island including Polynesian specialties & fresh juices. If you're specifically interested in sharks, there's also an exhibition on site that allows you to watch up-close feeding of various species.

The half-day tours, which last just under three hours, also feature snorkeling at the Coral Gardens, a less extensive canoe tour, & several hours of quality time to explore the lagoonarium as well as learn about the animals.

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