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Prepare to Be Amazed at Our Planet Centre

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Most people may take a luxury vacation to St. Lucia with the intention of stretching out on the sand & building a tan, & while there's no doubt the beaches here are beautiful, there is a lot more to this island than meets the eye. In fact, a multitude of interesting attractions can make for an especially memorable getaway. Between your lounging & relaxing, make sure to visit Our Planet Centre. Set in the heart of the capital, Castries, this attraction is the only one of its kind across the globe – & since you could spend nearly all day exploring the exhibits here, it's the perfect option for a rainy afternoon.

Here's a glimpse inside this fascinating place:

What you need to know Luckily, Our Planet Centre is open every day except Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., so there are plenty of opportunities to visit. Tickets are $38, & the cost is well worth it, particularly as you could pass countless hours perusing the interesting aspects of this attraction. It's no wonder the center was awarded 5 stars by visitors on Trip Advisor – it appeals to people of all ages & interests.

What you'll see Upon entering Our Planet Centre, you'll be greeted by life-sized holographic welcome speeches from Prince Charles & the Governor General of St. Lucia. From there, the excitement simply doesn't stop. In the Immersion Tunnel, you'll get to see how Earth was formed, & how it evolved through the Ice Age, the time of the dinosaurs & into its current state. If you're interested in extreme weather, Hurricane Island allows you to manipulate weather patterns on a touch screen to develop a storm yourself. Mirrorsphere gives visitors the chance to view many of the Earth's plants & animals through a kaleidoscope. 

Nothing compares to Science on a Sphere, a 3-D reproduction of our planet that was installed by NASA & the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. You'll be able to view Earth in real time as it looks from space, including active volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis & other natural wonders. Another highlight is the Special Effects Theater, where you'll feel as if you're in the midst of extreme weather events due to the wind, shaking seats & lighting. 

Different options The guided tour lasts about 90 minutes & leads you through 11 different spaces. You can also take your time by walking through the exhibits yourself. After all, with so many interactive games that allow you to virtually save islands & protect endangered species, you may want to linger. Don't forget to stop by the gift shop on the way out, though – with a bevy of natural & recycled products, you'll go home with a treasure that you can feel good about buying.

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