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Packing: The Hurdle Between You & Your Beach Bum Vacation

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Here at Beach Bum Vacation, we strive to make the vacation planning process as easy & streamlined as possible, working out all the logistics of beach wedding packages in Mexico or all inclusive trips to the Caribbean. Still, there's one step of the vacation prep process that is all your own: packing.

We would happily assist with the suitcase stuffing if we could, but for now, we'll offer you these these tricks that we've picked up throughout our own travels across the globe. Try a few before your next luxury vacation – they're sure to give you a little packing peace of mind!

Pick a color, any color … … & stick with it as you pack! We're not suggesting you pack a monochromatic wardrobe, but to make matching outfits easy once you arrive in your destination, choose pieces that all match. It's tempting to just pack all of your favorite clothes & pieces of jewelry, but sticking to a color scheme for your vacation makes it easier to fit it all & makes getting ready a breeze once you arrive. A red, white & blue color palette is one that works well – it could include a red striped dress, a jean jacket, a navy scarf & some white shoes, & they'd all match once you arrive in your destination. Pick two neutrals, like black, brown or white, & add a couple of bright shades that coordinate. 

Choose fabrics wisely Some fabrics wrinkle more than others, & some take up more space in your suitcase. Fortunately, the non-wrinkly types also tend to be the kind that take up the least amount of suitcase real estate. Stretchy jeans take up about half the space of a regular pair of jeans, & any blend with nylon, elastane or polyester resists wrinkles better than 100 percent cotton. Textured fabrics, gauze & seersucker also make wrinkles less noticeable. This tip should narrow down your options, too!

Consider your folding options You could throw all your stuff into a duffel & be done with it, but you'll have better chances of being wrinkle-free (& fitting more) if you adopt a folding technique. Rolling individual items is best for when you are using a soft-sided bag like a duffel, but can cause wrinkles, so reserve it for things like T-shirts & workout wear that you won't mind creases in. 

Folding prevents wrinkles better in structured suitcases & for wrinkle-prone materials. Make sure you fold items the way they do in department stores, & layer plastic bags between rows of clothes. The smooth surface of these can fend off wrinkles. 

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