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Lend a Helping Hand in Jamaica With Beach Bum CARES

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

When planning luxury vacations to Jamaica, you are probably psyched to get your toes in the sand, sip an ice cold tropical cocktail & indulge in all the natural beauty the island is famous for. However, some people want to leave Jamaica with more than a tan & for these individuals, we recommend our Beach Bum CARES initiative. Through this program, you can help families across Jamaica & share our  goal of leaving footprints of hope across the island.

Why Jamaica needs our help Many travelers know Jamaica for its sunny beaches & sandy shores, but unfortunately, the island is also shrouded in poverty. Today, one of the island's primary concerns is education. While many children attend school in Jamaica, educational achievement levels remain low, according to UNICEF. In 2009, for example, Jamaican children took a national assessment to see how well they were performing. In the first grade, 18 percent of students did not master any of the five sub-tests. Sixth-graders, on the other hand, earned an average score of 50 percent on all subjects they were tested on.

Many of the students who do not perform well in school are from low-income families &, unfortunately, will struggle to break the cycle of poverty unless they receive the education they need & deserve.

Get involved! If you want to get involved with Beach Bum CARES on your adult vacations in the Caribbean, we'd be happy to have you! We currently operate in three schools on the island, where we have already donated countless educational supplies to ensure local students receive the education they need to thrive. If you want to make a difference in the lives of Jamaican children & leave the island with an experience you will never forget, call us at (317) 586-2220 or email us at

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