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Inside Sulfur Springs Park in St. Lucia

A luxury vacation to St. Lucia simply wouldn't be complete without a trip to Sulphur Springs Park. Set inside the crater of the dormant Soufriere volcano, this site makes for a truly awe-inspiring afternoon. Observe yellow volcanic rocks & steaming springs from a safe distance, soak up some fascinating information at the visitor's center or bathe in one of the two sulfuric pools – whatever you decide to do on your tour, it's bound to be memorable.

Here's what you need to know about the Caribbean's only "drive-in volcano":

The basics Fortunately, Sulfur Spring Park is open daily, including weekends & holidays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The price of admission for adults is just $11, & kids get in for $5, making a trip here a bargain.

This site is situated in the southwestern town of Soufriere, which is about 1 hour by bus or taxi & 35 minutes by boat from Castries, the island's capital. From the town center, it's just a 6-minute drive by taxi or a 30-minute walk. 

The tour The 30-minute tour of this attraction will cover a lot. You'll visit the interpretation center, which provides insight into the area's history & also includes a 5-minute video on the geological aspects of the surrounding region. Then, your guide will offer you a deeper glimpse into the geothermal system & explain the area's chemistry & mythology. Meanwhile, you'll hear simulated hissing sounds that emulate the boiling springs. While passing between galleries, you'll learn about the exotic fruits that grow in the Caribbean.

The main event, though, is a visit to the two waterfalls & their corresponding plunge pools. The mineral waters here are internationally renowned, & have long been considered to have healing properties in regard to alleviating stress, skin ailments & even rheumatism.

Your guide will encourage you to take a dip in these magical waters to experience the benefits for yourself. There are two options to choose from: The Black Water Pool & the Pool of Love. The Black Water Pool features a sitting area and showers but it's only for the brave – the water is 101.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The smaller Pool of Love, which is only 88.3 degrees Fahrenheit, is a bit more relaxing. You might recognize it from a final episode of "The Bachelor."

Extras Don't forget to stop by one of the two on-site eateries. There you can get a taste of local cuisine, sip on a cold beer & re-fuel for the rest of your exploration.

The Vending Village is also a highlight. From the wide array of Sulfur Spring souvenirs, you'll surely find something special to commemorate your visit.

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