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Indulge Yourself in Nassau

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Adult vacations in the Caribbean provide people with a chance to escape the everyday routine of ordinary life & pamper themselves with whatever makes them happy. When going to Nassau in the Bahamas, there are many opportunities for adults to exploit during their luxury travel experience when traveling alone or with other people their age.

The Bahamas offer a little bit of everything that any traveler can enjoy, ranging from unique food & drinks to history & wildlife. Some activities are best appreciated by adults traveling alone who don't have to worry about the impressions of children, so they can focus solely on leisure & comfort.

Feast & drink to your heart's content Some people are eager to sample the cuisine that sets an area apart from all the others when visiting an exotic vacation destination. There are many places to grab a meal & strong drink in the Bahamas that deliver a low-key atmosphere. Nassau is home to many different eateries with exotic choices to pick from that will fill your stomach before you've even tasted a fraction of what they have to offer.

The Bahamas' signature dish is conch salad, & there are many variations to try, according to the BBC. The sea snails are traditionally served with peppers, tomatoes, onions & orange or lime juice, but even the small island chain has restaurants that stand apart from the rest. Places like Dino's Gourmet Conch Salad draw in locals & tourists from all corners of every island with unique interpretations on the famous meal by adding in apples, mangoes & other fruits for a more tropical version.

After you've sated your appetite, head to any of the picture-prefect beaches for a fruity, tropical drink. There are stands scattered all around the edges of the white sand beaches where tourists can stop to grab a fresh drink for happy hour or catch impromptu music performances or poetry regions, the source stated. These small shacks give you the chance to enjoy the Bahamas at your own pace where you can stop just to admire the view & relax.

Some of the vendors mix pretty strong drinks using blenders powered by their own generators that are sure to help you loosen up. With the sand under your feet & the warm breeze in your hair, friendly bartenders do nothing but help you get into the vacation mindset.

Learn a new hobby at a cigar company Those who appreciate the finer tastes in life such as cigars will love the Bahamas. Nassau is home to the Graycliff Cigar Company that's gained a reputation over its short history of making premium cigars.

You can learn a new craft with classes taught by expert cigar rollers on the process & the history of the company, USA Today stated. Tourists gain hands-on experience on what it means to be a torcedore, a master cigar roller, & can even package their lessons with a cigar & rum tasting experience.

Discover what it takes to create a cigar with just the right balance of tastes while you learn about the history of the craft & the effect it's had on the region.

When you travel alone or with other adults, you can indulge in pleasantries without having to worry about anything. For a vacation meant to relax & enjoy some alone time, be it lounging at the beach or touring a cigar company, Nassau provides many activities & cuisine to aid to that purpose. A tropical getaway is a chance to escape from your usual lifestyle & try new things.

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