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Hottest Honeymoon Trends

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Newlyweds have been taking honeymoons for over a century, but these vacations have changed dramatically over the years. An ideal trip is both relaxing & romantic, but beyond that, there's no perfect equation. Every couple is different, & their first week of marriage should reflect that. Finally, couples are starting to branch off from the traditional honeymoon & plan a more meaningful getaway that reflects their own personal interests & unique relationship. These are just some of the hottest honeymoon trends that are developing:

Foodie paradise Couples who consider themselves connoisseurs of the culinary arts (or simply like to eat) can strategically plan their honeymoon to gain exposure to new kinds of cuisine. Consider taking a cooking class together, which will reinforce your bond as well as give you a few dishes to try out in your kitchen when you return home. Try looking into private sessions, which will allow you both to interact more with the instructor for a more engaging & intimate experience. Alternatively, The Knot pointed out that some couples might be looking for a different kind of gastronomical experience, such as a special dinner by a renowned chef or a wine tasting. Grenada, which is known as "the island of spice," is an ideal location for these kinds of honeymoons. Be sure to visit the Belmont Estate to learn about how cocoa is processed & then sample some confections by the Grenadian Chocolate Company. Top it all off with a trip to one of the several rum factories & you have one tasty trip.

Minimoons Bridal Guide reported that it has become more common for couples to plan a shorter honeymoon if they can't afford as much time away from their jobs. You can still squeeze in plenty of romance over a long weekend, but you'll want to choose a location that's a shorter flight away to capitalize on time. It's also important to plan as much as possible in advance. Though you may not be able to see & do everything on a shorter trip, you can still manage to make the most of your trip if you schedule certain activities, dinner reservations, tours & other activities in advance. Newlyweds who take a shorter honeymoon should make a list of their top priorities & then consider resorts that are closest to those attractions to maximize on time.

Volunteering Feeling philanthropic? It's becoming increasingly popular for couples to plan honeymoons that focus on giving back, according to Bridal Guide. These kinds of getaways can offer couples a profound sense of fulfillment, which has the potential to even further strengthen their bond. Not only that, but time spent basking on a beach feels far more rewarding when you've made an effort to help those less fortunate. For example, with Beach Bum CARES, volunteers have the chance to provide impoverished families across the Caribbean & Mexico with the aid & supplies they need. That kind of experience can bring new couples even closer & further offer them a new perspective on life that allows them to appreciate their luxury vacation even more.

All inclusive resorts There are plenty of perks that come with all-inclusive travel, and many couples are realizing how these benefits can make for a more relaxing honeymoon. The Knot explained that the all-inclusive trend began several years ago with a focus on Mexico & the Caribbean, but now it's expanding even further. Newlyweds who consider these resorts don't have to worry about hidden costs or surprise fees, & they have peace of mind that certain aspects, such as meals, drinks & entertainment, are included. Thus, you eliminate potentially stressful financial situations & are better able to truly enjoy your time together.

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