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Have an Adventure in Antigua

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Adult vacations should always be filled with new experiences & limited time opportunities to ensure you have a trip that stands out in your mind long after you return home. Rather than lying by the pools outside 5 star hotels, go on your own adventure in Antigua where there are many physical activities to help liven up your trip.

Step away from the benefits of all inclusive travel for just a couple of your vacation days to explore the raw side of the island, delve into its history or test your limits on both land & the water. No matter what you prefer, a wide variety of options guarantees you'll find something to do that suits your fancy. Although Antigua is most famous for the large yachts that are moored at Nelson's Dockyard, if you journey around the island, you'll find that it offers much more than a prime location for water sports.

Go out & experience the thrills of Antigua If you want to deviate from the traditional, relaxing nature of a tropical vacation you can search the island for any of its thrilling activities that catch your eye.

An array of natural features & wildlife give you the opportunity to embark on endeavors such as bird watching, mountain biking, horseback riding & even helicopter tours, according to Active Caribbean. If you want to witness the biological diversity of the island's ecosystem, you can either go out by yourself to test your observational skills or get a guide to show you the best locations. Special excursions can bring you face-to-face with some of the exotic animals that make Antigua their home like dolphins, whales & sea turtles, reported Adventure Antigua.

Antigua is also one of the only places in the Caribbean with a shooting range, giving you the chance to shoot at clay targets flying close to the ground, stated The Guardian. This replicates the movement of the wild mongooses that are known to quickly dart out from the brush all over the island. You can also practice some archery at the shooting range, immersing you in a world of thick tropical vegetation with a time-tested weapon in hand.

Leave the beaches to hit the waves If you came to Antigua to be as close to the water as possible, then any one of the island's water activities can help you transform a casual beach day into an exciting challenge against the sea. If you've always wanted to check out kite-surfing, then Jabberwock Beach and Nonsuch Bay are places you might want to visit, the source asserted.

Kite-boarding gives you the chance to catch some air & lift your speeding self off of the waves as you glide at high wind-induced speeds. For a slower approach to seeing the Caribbean Sea from a new vantage point, stand-up paddle boarding is just as exhilarating as kite-surfing except you never leave the water's surface.

The low depths of Nonsuch Bay make this spot an excellent place to master these skills without worrying about falling off of the board the first time you try to stand up.

Boats & sailing are a large part of Antigua's atmosphere & many specialized recreations have developed for you to enjoy revolving around the vessels. Private tours can bring you to some of the most reclusive & secret spots of the area to relax, or you can spend a whole day on an eco-tour, traveling around the tiny islands off the coast for a day filled with snorkeling, hiking & exploring seaside caves, added Adventure Antigua.

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