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Experience the Exotic Food of Barcelona, Spain

When we talk about cuisine in Barcelona, we speak of an extraordinary wealth of all types of cuisine, in addition to the native. A city that’s known for its new cuisine, which for twenty years has greatly influenced the culinary leaders of today. The creativity that led to the revival of less conventional Mediterranean cuisine. A city that is finally open to many other important trends such as vegetarian cuisine, very well represented today. We can also talk about the great diversity of international and fusion cuisine. Burgers, street food, gastro trucks, Asian, sushi, Bo bun, ramen, tacos, pizzas, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres … All these trends do not escape the locals.

Discover Barcelona through its cuisine. In Barcelona, we must eat mainly traditional Catalan food whose basic ingredients are those of Mediterranean cuisine: vegetables, fruits, olive oil, fish and seafood, meats. Catalan restaurants usually offer a menu “mar i muntanya”, that is a menu that includes dishes with seafood and others with mountain products. Another classic Catalan cuisine is the rice as paella, but here they take many forms, such as rice with seafood, fish, cod, meat, and so much more.

Barcelona is also a great city when we talk about restaurants. The offer is huge. Each neighborhood has restaurants, cafes, tapas bars, grocery stores. In a word, each district has “its” good directions. There is such an offer, that Catalans in general, prefer to invite their friends to a restaurant rather than to invite at home. Another simple reason to go out to eat at the restaurant in Barcelona is undoubtedly its more moderate prices than in many European capitals.

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