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Enjoy a Honeymoon in Aruba

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Honeymoons cap off a magical experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life. If there's anytime to go all out for a trip, it's after your wedding. When picking a location for your honeymoon, look for a place that combines the magic of the moment with the interests of your partner & yourself. Aruba not only offers spectacular scenery, but also provides you with many activities to do ranging from the more active to the typical leisure of a tropical paradise.

Take in all the beauty Your vacation doesn't have to be filled with luxury travel amenities all the time for you to enjoy it. Many of the natural wonders & beauty can be accessed cheaply if not free. For those evenings when dusk is quickly approaching, check out the Aruban sunset from a vantage point like no other near the first Roman Catholic church built on the island in 1750, according to USA Today. The Chapel of Alto Vista also marks the beginning of a bike path that leads to the California Lighthouse, named after a sunken ship close to its coast, where tourists have another option to wait for the sunset in hopes of catching one of the rare green flashes as the sun falls – if the conditions are right.

If you are looking for a good beach to visit, Baby Beach is far enough away from all the other strips of sand near the hotels, but still offers cool waters that are shallow enough for anyone to venture out in with establishments nearby for renting water gear. Conveniently located nearby is the Big Mama Grill, which will satisfy your hunger along with tropical cocktails.

For the more calm days If you wish to just spend some time together taking in various aspects of the Aruban culture, there are a few destinations that will make for a perfect low-key day in paradise. A bus trip for only a couple of dollars will take you to the popular hotel strip with buildings rising up towards the sun where you can spend the day walking around small shops & tasting the local cuisine. From local vendors to luxurious boutiques, the area is the perfect chance to pick up a few souvenirs.

Just a short plane ride from Miami or a short boat trip to Venezuela, Aruba is an ideal spot to be just close enough to the outside world, but far enough to make you feel like you & your spouse are all alone on a trip you'll never want to end. 

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