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Don’t Let Unruly Waves Capsize Your Beach Wedding

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

When many brides imagine the perfect beach wedding, they see themselves with an airy white dress, bare feet & beachy waves in their hair. However, while a light dress & bare feet can be ideal for destination weddings, brides who are getting married near the ocean may want to reconsider letting their tresses hang loose.

Beachy waves may look pretty when you're inside, preparing to walk down the aisle, but if it's windy on the beach, you'll be brushing your hair out of your face throughout the ceremony. This is far from ideal, as you want to spend your time at the altar staring at your true love & soaking in the moment, not trying to keep your hair in place. Plus, you don't want to rock messy, wind-swept hair at your reception!

For this reason, many beach wedding experts recommend that brides choose an updo for their big day. This way, they can ensure their hair is not in the way during the ceremony and that it is still neat and polished for the reception. Try a chic, modern style like a low bun, side braid or a loose chignon. 

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