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Do’s and Don’t’s for Your Girls Getaway

Spending time with your girlfriends can instantly make you feel happier & more at ease – but a luxury vacation with them has the power to maximize on these mood-boosting effects. In fact, taking a girls trip is a great way to totally refresh your mindset while also forging even stronger friendships. Still, there's a right & wrong way to travel with your BFFs.

Before you start planning, consider these tips for a carefree, memorable girls getaway:

Do It's helpful to be upfront about how much you can spend an outline your budget accordingly. An all inclusive resort can help to eliminate a lot of the stress since food, entertainment & other aspects of your vacation will be included.

Be flexible when it comes to your itinerary. While it may be really important to you to see a certain historic site, one of your friends might be more interested in a massage at the resort's on-site spa. Remember that it's OK to go your separate ways at a certain point if you have diverging interests. Plus, you'll have a lot to discuss over dinner & drinks that night.

Play to everyone's strengths when you're diving up the responsibilities. Your foodie friend is probably the best person to research restaurants in your destination, & the style expert will likely be able to figure out where the best shopping is. 

Take this opportunity to try something new. While you may not be a thrill-seeker, you may be surprised by how much you like the rush you get from scuba diving or canopy zip-lining in an exotic locale. Plus, it's a lot easier to take a risk when your girlfriends are by your side.

Don't Whatever you do, don't feel guilty for taking a vacation. Woman's Day magazine recommended writing yourself a permission slip outlining all the reasons you're worth taking a girls trip, & all the benefits you expect to get out of it. Whenever you start to wonder if you really need that getaway, glance back at the list for affirmation.

Try not to squeeze in too many activities – over-scheduling will just end up stressing everyone out. Of course, plan ahead by making reservations for an exclusive restaurant or buying tickets to that concert, but leave some room for relaxation & spontaneity as well.

Don't forget that your friends may have different needs, & it's important to accommodate them to keep everyone happy. For example, if someone is on an especially tight budget, don't insist on tickets to a costly music festival. If one of your friends is a vegetarian, be sure that the restaurants you go to have some options for them.

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