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Do-It-Yourself Ideas for a Destination Wedding

There's no doubt that a destination wedding in an exotic locale is worth the time, effort & costs it requires. However, it can be easy to go overboard in trying to plan one of these events. After all, you likely have an idea in mind for how your ceremony will go & with endless possibilities for the decor, menu & other aspects, so you might be tempted to opt for an extravagant big day. However, there are definitely ways to achieve your dream wedding without draining your wallet by incorporating some do-it-yourself elements. Plus, DIY projects lend a personal touch to your event, ensuring that it's especially memorable for both you & your guests.

Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

Perfect party favors It's customary to offer your guests a gift for attending the wedding, & it's also a thoughtful idea to thank them for traveling the distance to see you tie the knot. These favors do not have to break the bank, either, to be appreciated. Consider making your own luxurious bath bombs in tropical colors using seashell forms. This is an especially great idea to incorporate into a welcome bag for beach weddings, as some resorts offer in-room Jacuzzi tubs. You might also make DIY gel candles. Place sand from the local beach in the bottom of a glass container, pop in some shells or a starfish & then tint the gel blue so it looks like the ocean.

Personalize your paper  It's best to stick with the little things when it comes to DIY projects for your destination wedding. From the save-the-dates to the seating cards, invitations & signs are an ideal way to cut costs while also adding some individual flair. You might even use simple stationary from a local artisan to make your destination wedding feel more authentic. Or, you might try printing save-the-dates on a map of the local area – which will actually prove useful for guests who have never been to this location before.

Be your own makeup artist Island weddings are ideal for trying out those beautiful beach makeup trends you've always liked. The best part about this natural look is that it's especially easy to achieve on your own. Since paying for a hair & makeup artist can get expensive, why not DIY your beauty needs for your big day? You know better than anyone what products & colors you like. Make sure to practice once or twice before the event so that you have your routine perfected ahead of time, & be sure to observe the finished look in natural light that resembles your wedding's environment.

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