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Dive, Dive, Dive in Aruba

Sometimes family vacations can be difficult, especially when there are activities older travelers would like to do but younger tourists may not be prepared for. That is not a concern is some island destinations, however. Aruba is known for its marvelous underwater landscape with many attractions to glimpse under the waves. When the kids aren't ready to don the scuba gear, but still want to see the sea floor, Aruba has a few opportunities that may offer the answer.

Submarine tours There are a few different tours that give everyone the chance to peak below the tropical waters. Visitors can choose from two different options if they're looking to see schools of colorful tropical fish, coral reefs or underwater shipwrecks, according to Aruba Tours. In Aruba lies the Atlantis submarine where tourists can experience the thrill of diving from the dry interior of this ship as it descends to depths of up to 130 feet. The guide will take you on a two-hour tour as he goes over everything that you see & the history of the two wrecks you'll pass by.

Anyone feelings a little claustrophobic need not worry because of the option the Seaworld Explorer gives. This ship is only a semi-submarine, as all onlookers on board head below deck where they sit in the comfort of a viewing room five feet below the water's surface. The Seaworld Explorer was originally used in Australia for scientific expeditions to observe the Great Barrier Reef, as stated by Visit Aruba, but now roams the Caribbean Sea for your watching pleasure.

An underwater thrill It's not every day you get the chance to climb aboard a submarine & dive below into the watery depths of paradise. No one has to get left out of your family vacation in the Caribbean because of fears or age. View the underwater beauty of your island destination in style & on your own terms. Aruba provides thrills both on land & off which should be witnessed on your next trip there.

Even if you've been on a cruise or a tour before, it will be nothing like this voyage. You'll see firsthand the creatures that make their home amidst the natural beauty of the tropical waters while learning all about this precious ecosystem at the same time. Adults & children alike will never forget this undersea adventure – from the moment you descend into the turquoise waters until the hatch opens up to the fresh tropic breeze, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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