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Destination Wedding Guide: Top Bridal Gown Trends in 2014

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Destination weddings demand a very specific kind of attention when it comes to the gown. While this is of course a major decision for any bride-to-be, it's an even more significant consideration with a scenic backdrop in an exotic locale or a balmy tropical climate. Of course, the bride wants to look stunning on her big day, but she also wants to be comfortable, whether she's tying the knot on a beach in the Bahamas or the mountains of St. Lucia.

Fortunately, some of the major trends this year fuse function & fashion, providing the perfect dresses for any temperature or setting.

A shorter hemline Gone are the days when a wedding gown needed to be grazing the floor. In fact, shorter dresses are just as elegant, & they offer a perfect chance to show off some chic footwear while also maintaining a slightly more laid-back vibe at a low-key affair. Additionally, dresses that hit at the knee or above work well for beach weddings because you won't have to worry about your gown dragging in the sand. Consider a strapless number with a floaty chiffon skirt for a ceremony near the rainforest, or go for a dress with scalloped edging & a more tapered fit for a seaside wedding.

Grecian glam The soft, Grecian-inspired silhouettes that are popular this year couldn't possibly look more feminine. Plus, these maxi-gowns have an airy quality that is made for a breezy location. Consider a gown with shimmering accents and a sheer neckline or sleeves, which shows the right amount of skin. Or, you could go for a dress that has elaborate draping & a low cowl back for an unexpectedly sultry look that screams "goddess." You can never go wrong with a simplistic spaghetti empire waist gown with subtle pleating, which has classic appeal.

Retro resurgence Due in part to the wild popularity of the major motion picture "The Great Gatsby," gowns with a flirtatious 1920s flair are making a major comeback. This trend makes a lot of sense for island weddings – after all, what could be more eye-catching in the bright Caribbean sun than sparkling beaded details? If you're aiming for a look that's understated, choose a dress with sequined sleeves or one with a vintage-inspired draped silhouette, which give a subtle nod to Old Hollywood without being over-the-top. 

The timeless A-line The A-line dress is timeless for a reason: It's ultra flattering. This year, dresses will feature lightweight fabrics which are perfect for weddings in hot climates. Additionally, these gowns will boast a breathtaking movement that emulates the gentle curvature of ocean waves. Floral-esque straps lend a touch of romance to these styles, while vine-like details draw inspiration from nature's beauty.

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