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Coffee is More Than Just a Beverage in the Caribbean

Going on 5 star vacations is a great way to enjoy the comforts of a destination while abroad whether travelers are taking in the sights or dining on the local cuisine. Luxury travel presents tourists with many opportunities to experience the best a location has to offer. Throughout the Caribbean, there are restaurants that pride themselves not on their food, but their coffee. The exotic setting makes a great backdrop for trying the unique experiments developed by the locals for using this well-loved drink & the beans that make it.

In the Caribbean, they don't just drink regular coffee. They turn it into an experience all itself.

The coffee of celebrities While many restaurants are eager to add some alcohol into a coffee brew, the Graycliff in the Bahamas has certain standards to live up to. Ever since Winston Churchill frequented the venue, an elite crowd has flocked to Graycliff, according to USA Today.

The Graycliff serves its own private brand of coffee, often accompanied by its cigars, made from beans grown in a remote mountain region of Guatemala. Tourists can enjoy specially crafted drinks made to emphasize the beans' taste. The Bahamian Coffee, for instance, is a signature drink that includes their coffee, brown sugar, whipped cream & some vanilla Nassau Royale liqueur.

Enjoy your coffee with a massage in Jamaica The Round Hill Spa takes the Caribbean coffee experience beyond that of elegant taste in Jamaica. Instead of getting hopped up on the caffeine, visitors can take it down a notch to relax on their trip with the locally grown beans from the Blue Mountains. Travelers can lay down for a Coffee Bean Body Scrub where they relish in a full-body massage that uses the beans to rejuvenate their skin, reported USA Today.

People can choose any of the magnificent locations around the spa to enjoy this relaxation, such as a garden gazebo or the beach near the spa where they can listen to the waves for a moment of tranquility. But perhaps the most unique spot to get the massage is in a restored 18th-century plantation home where the main spa is located, according to Round Hill's official website.

Caribbean vacations are an excellent chance to break away from the norm & try new things. Sometimes that just means trying something familiar in a new way.

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