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Chalk it up to Turks & Caicos

Luxury travel & adult vacations are one thing, but the main destination everyone has in mind when they touch down in a tropical paradise is the best beach they can find. Tourists aren't looking for a coast like the ones they can find back at home either. They want to find the most immaculate display of natural beauty around in a scene that could be taken straight from a postcard. Luckily, visitors of the Turks & Caicos have one of the most pristine beaches in the entire Caribbean available to them.

A beach everyone can enjoy Providenciales​, or Provo, is one of the most advanced islands in all of the Turks & Caicos with significant infrastructure development & a host of comfortable & luxurious resorts for travelers to enjoy. However, that's not the main draw for visitors. On the northern portion of the island is the Grace Bay beach with clean waters, white sand & no rocks. A coral reef about a mile out from the beach protects it from any dangerous currents or swells & is home to a diverse array of tropical aquatic life. This picture-perfect scenery has caused much international recognition. Visit Turks & Caicos Islands stated that Grace Bay beach is one of the top beaches in the world.

A very popular activity for tourists at the beach is water sports with power boats pulling vacationers behind it on wake boards in the distance or people slowly paddling through the waves in kayaks. If you feel more like relaxing, the three-mile-long beach's location can provide the ideal environment for a leisurely stroll through the sand or wading ankle-deep in its warm waters.

Chalk Sound On the other side of the island is one of the lesser-known natural wonders of the island that lays unspoiled along the coast. The Chalk Sound is a landlocked lagoon with clean waters similar to the beaches. There are plenty of small rocky islands poking up from its shallow waters with banks comprised of sand & coral. Many of the larger islands with plant life growing on it are home to iguanas that make a living foraging for food.

Services for the Chalk Sound haven't been developed, so you won't find much parking or any ramps for access with kayaks. According to Turks & Caicos Tourism, however, its relatively secluded setting offers a peaceful place for any traveler to reflect on the inherent splendor of the island & appreciate his or her vacation.

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