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Caribbean Festivals Offer Glimpses Into the Local Culture

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Luxury travel vacations to the Caribbean are always a great chance to relax & do only the things you want to for a short time before heading back to everyday life. However, if you manage to align your adult vacations with one of the many popular events & festivals that take place in the region, you can transform your trip into a memory that will vibrantly stick out for a lifetime.

These public celebrations are an excellent way for you to experience some of the culture of the Caribbean. Many of them tie into the tropical setting or lifestyle of the people, so it shouldn't be hard for you to find something that fits in with your vacation spirit. You may even discover a festival that caters specifically to your genuine interests, allowing you to witness a whole new side of whatever you're passionate about in a different part of the world.

Hit the waves in Antigua Anyone interested in sailing will be in for a treat when the annual Antigua Sailing Week kicks off April 26 and runs until May 2, according to USA Today. This week has become of of the most popular international boating  events in the world that draws in people & boats from all different backgrounds, stated Antigua Nice.

You can see every kind of ship from sailing boats to super yachts docked to the piers in Nelson's Dockyard. The only way to enter the race is with a boat between 50 and 100 feet long, but other ships follow close behind the pack to get the best seats for the entire race.

However being in the race isn't the only part of Antigua Sailing Week that brings people to the island to celebrate. Elegant parties erupt all over the most iconic Antiguan locations. Wealthy yacht owners from around the world mix with the locals as music plays in the background & everyone has a good time.

St. Lucia knows how to bring the music Festivals in the Caribbean have been largely influenced by St. Lucia following 23 years of the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Fest beginning at the end of every April & into early May, stated the festival's official website. With world-class performers & a big helping of St. Lucian culture, residents of the island have created the formula for an event that resonates throughout the whole region.

Blending international stars with local artists, the music along with the scenery of this festival are second to none. Overlooking Rodney Bay,  with the Pigeon Island National Landmark & Mindoo Phillip Park in the background, the sights will certainly captivate you when you're taking a break from the many street parties, according to USA Today.

But music isn't the only part of the festival. Art is displayed all over expressing the local heritage & culture of the people with interpretations in dancing, singing & fashion as well as visual work. This island comes alive with the sounds of local music & some renowned chefs from the area deliver the pinnacle of St. Lucian cuisine.

Many of the other islands in the Caribbean have their own festivals equally as grand & colorful. They're held in honor of all kinds of themes, bringing in people from all over the world. They could revolve around music, food, theater or even holidays like St. Patrick's Day. Whatever you're interested in, the Caribbean has an event for you. Share in the local excitement along with tourists from every corner of the globe. Coordinate your next vacation to overlap a few days of a festival around the area you'll be visiting & you won't regret it.

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