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Cannabis-Friendly Vacation Destinations

A woman in a pink tank top blowing out smoke while smoking cannbis on vacation

Cannabis-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Tips and best practices for enjoying your vacation on a higher note…

So, What Are the Rules?

It can seem tricky with all of the ever-changing rules, laws, and regulations in the United States when it comes to cannabis. Some states allow it, some states don’t. But when it comes to world travel and vacation, you’ll want to be sure to do your research before you take off just anywhere, especially if you are seeking a destination where you can relax how you prefer – and we’re not talking about drinks! Just a heads up – we never encourage anyone to travel or fly with any illicit substances, even if you are prescribed in your home state or country.

Just because it is legal where you live does not mean it is legal where you’re traveling to. Below are going to give you some ideas of destinations and how to enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation with a bit of a greener tint. 😉

View of the canal in Amsterdam with boats docked and houses in the background

Cannabis-Friendly Destination # 1: Amsterdam

Probably the most renowned for being a leader in cannabis acceptance and legalization, the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, is a great destination to set your sights on for a cannabis-friendly experience. Enjoy canal cruises, the Red Light District, and what are known as ‘cafes’ or coffee shops to start or end your days. The cafes are an excellent place to explore the local cannabis culture and partake in some relaxation, and they also serve as a great jumping-off point for days filled with great food, exploring cities, and enjoying some top-notch amenities. If you’ve never been to Europe, this is a wonderful place to consider checking off the bucket list!

Jamaica sign along the ocean with palm trees on the sides

Cannabis-Friendly Destination # 2: Jamaica

If you guessed this one would be on the list, then you are seriously gifted ‘mon. Well, it is another infamous destination where cannabis is actually an integral part of the local culture. The birthplace of Rastafarianism, Jamaica is home to a rich and thriving culture of enjoying the high life. So, it makes perfect sense that if you’re seeking a cannabis-friendly vacation, Jamaica is an excellent choice. Pair the laid-back lifestyle with a vacation loaded with beach bars, a vibrant culture, great food, and some amazing resort options and you’ve got a trip you’ll never forget. Ask our team about the resort options at this destination!

Aereal view of the clear blue ocean with trees along the water with boats scattered throughout the water

Destination # 3: Mexico

Growing in popularity as one of the top cannabis-friendly destinations, Mexico is filled with plenty of opportunities to get your puff on and enjoy a unique vacation. There are tons of options when it comes to resorts and specific locations in Mexico, but you will find that the entire country is very accepting of cannabis use and culture. Pair this with some of the world’s top beaches, ancient ruins to explore, and even adventurous options for hikers and outdoorsy travelers, and you’ve got a destination that is worth the visit every time. Explore the jungles, relax at an all-inclusive resort, or get out on the water for some jet skiing. However you decide to enjoy Mexico, it’ll be the time of your life. Ask our team about adult-only options in this destination!

Stay Calm. Vacation On.

We didn’t mention that there are some domestic travel options available if you’re from the United States, like Alaska, Colorado, and even Washington state. These destinations can make for a good cannabis-friendly vacation if you don’t want to leave the country.

So, now you have some more ideas on cannabis-friendly vacation destinations and it’s time to make it all real! We’ve got a whole itinerary ready for you. Be safe out there and enjoy every puff of vacation. 😏

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