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Bobsledding, Zip Lines and More Adventures Await You in the Jamaican Rain forest

Everyone on family vacations to Jamaica should dedicate a day to the adventures that await them at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios. There are many activities that dot the tropical rain forests around the mountain, giving visitors views they won't be able to find anywhere else on the island. Tourists can step away from the 5 star resorts & beaches to get some adrenaline pumping through their veins as they perform daring feats their friends back at home would marvel at.

The Rain forest Adventures of Jamaica Travelers have the opportunity to experience the thrill of soaring above the Jamaican canopy while also admiring the beauty of Mystic Mountain. Visitors can choose from a number of high-speed activities as they ascend to heights of 700 feet where they have an unparalleled view of the ecosystem at this eco-friendly park, according to Rain forest Adventures Jamaica.

With 100 acres of land at its disposal, Rain forest Adventures Jamaica has created an exploratory experience for visitors that doesn't interfere with the delicate rain forest ecosystem.

Control the pace of your journey through the rain forest For anyone familiar with the famous Olympic Jamaican bobsled team or its Hollywood film adaptation, Mystic Mountain offers the chance to see what it's like to race along a track that winds its way around the mountain at speeds reaching 40 mph, reported Ocho Rios Tour. Gravity powers the downhill journey as tourists speed past trees instead of icy walls. For those who would prefer a leisurely tour of the jungle, hand brakes on the bobsled make it easy to control the speed of this journey so anyone can enjoy this excursion at their own pace.

Anyone who doesn't desire trying their luck as an Olympic competitor can opt for the more calming SkyExplorer chairlift. Tourists have the chance to take in as much of the nature around them as possible as they pass over waterfalls in the heart of the rain forest & steadily climb to the peak of the Mystic Mountain. 

Those who wish to break free of the confines of sleds & lifts can be free as they glide through the forest on any of the five zip lines that span the jungle, according to Ocho Rios Tour. The fast-paced adventure has the option to be combined with the SkyExplorer​ chairlift, as some of the lines lead to platforms that act as stations for the chairlift on its upwards voyage.

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