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Big Adventures on the Big Island

When people hear about all inclusive trips to Hawaii or other tropical luxury travel destinations, the most common things that come to mind are laying on beaches for long days or swimming in the pools beside the hotel. Vacations are usually a time to relax during a period of well-deserved leisure & indulgence. After working all year, it's your turn to spoil yourself & your family in whatever way you want. If all you desire is to rest while soaking in some sunshine, then that's what you'll do. However, instead of engaging in a passive experience, vacationers sometimes opt for a more active one, taking advantage of all the far off destination has to offer.

Rising from the sea If you want to do something daring that you'd never expect yourself facing back at home, vacations are perfect opportunities to break away from the norms of your everyday life & show that you can still surprise yourself.

The Big Island of Hawaii is an ideal place to blend your more typical island activities with a bit more excitement. If you're staying at the Fairmont Orchid resort, you're in close proximity to some of the islands' most exotic features. On the same island is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where you can witness the very mountains that rose from the sea & created the island chain. According to the National Park Service, this park contains some of the world's most active volcanoes, giving visitors the possibility to see craters, lava tubes & a landscape formed by one of the most destructive forces on Earth.

Cowboy of the island When you're not staring into the chambers that lead deep down to the planet's core, gallop across the rolling plains of the island on horseback & behold its natural majesty. Scour the depths of the coral reefs & swim alongside the manta rays as they glide above the ocean sands. There's so much more to do in Hawaii than just staying at your hotel. When you're in the middle of an ocean, the lack of light pollution offers the prospect to gaze upon the stars like never before.

Take a chance & do something different on your next vacation to Hawaii. Why not lay out on the black volcanic sand instead of the pearly white dunes you can find at most tropical island resorts?  Make some memories that will vividly stand out for years to come & at the mere thought, will get your heart racing with excitement once more.

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