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Beyond the Beach

Shaded spot on the beach looking out into the water with some beach chairs on the sand an a pier to the side

Beyond the Beach

Unique destinations, new cultures, thrilling adventures, and lasting memories.

You can take our word for it…vacation shouldn’t just be - get a place close to a beach, no matter what it looks like, and go away for a week. Although the idea of a beach vacation may sound appealing, there are many other ways to make a vacation truly exceptional. And if you’ve read anything else we’ve talked about, then you know we’re here to pop the top on all the things that take your vacation from blah to kick-ass. Now, keep those eyes moving downward into the amazing things we can do for your next vacation, beyond the beach.

All-Inclusive Means More Value

In our opinion, one of the best ways to make your vacation more valuable is to go with an all-inclusive resort option. These really are the best choice, especially when traveling to another country. Choosing this type of accommodation can save you from unnecessary stress, ensure that your needs are well taken care of, and provide you with various opportunities to elevate your trip. We’ve got some reliable connections at these resorts and we’re more than happy to let you into our inner circle.

Want to know more about why all-inclusive is the bees knees? Click here.

Two people in a yellow kayak on the ocean with a white sand background

Add Some New Fun

Elevate your vacation to a whole new level by exploring the unique activity options offered at the incredible resorts we recommend. From heart-pumping adventures like rock climbing and zip lining to family-friendly activities such as hiking, water sports, and world-renowned water parks, the possibilities are endless. Don't waste your precious time scrolling through countless Google search results to find the ideal activities for your trip. Just share your interests with us, and we'll design a tailor-made itinerary that perfectly suits your preferences. Let us take care of the planning, so you can focus on enjoying the ultimate vacation experience.

Gourmet hors d'oeuvre on a white white plates and a white tablecloth

Vacation Just Got More Delicious

There’s nothing like discovering new flavors and foods from around the world. And when you want to make your vacation more than just a trip to the beach, you’ll quickly discover that the food options are an essential part of the trip. With our expert insight on what cultural foods, resort dining options, and local restaurants are available - you’ll be able to tailor your vacation to include some culinary excursions that are sure to get any foodie excited. So, get ready to take your taste buds on an adventure. You can thank us after the trip!

A group of people sitting on large rocks at the edge of the water on the beach dancing and playing guitar while having a drink

Life’s a Beach AND a Party

Life is overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we decided to plan vacations for a living. 😆 But seriously, when it comes to taking your vacation to the next level, we highly recommend exploring destinations that offer weekly or nightly parties and local celebrations. You'd be amazed at the number of fun-filled events that take place around the world, and our team is well-versed in tracking down the most exciting ones. From mesmerizing fire dancing luaus to thrilling cliff diving experiences, there's no shortage of unforgettable party options to choose from. So, why not let us help you discover the perfect destination to party and celebrate?

The Good Times are Waiting on You

There you have it. Some really great ways to take vacation from ‘oh I’m going to the beach for a week,’ to ‘I AM ABOUT TO HAVE THE MOST INCREDIBLE VACATION!.’ It’s easy with a team like ours!

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