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Become an Underwater Explorer

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

An adult vacation to Tahiti brings many fun opportunities tourists can enjoy on during their luxury travel. With beautiful tropical waters, there's a whole new world you're able to explore. Most travelers grab their snorkels, goggles & flippers before hitting the waves to try & check out the beautiful aquatic wildlife & coral reefs. The even more daring go all out & rent some diving gear to get an up close & personal look at the ocean floor. However, Bora Bora offers a few unique opportunities to experience this seascape in a new way.

Aquabike Adventure Visitors have the chance to rent their very own underwater scooter at Aquabike Adventure, allowing them to glide around the seabed like never before. Essentially a miniature submarine, the Aquabike lets tourists explore the waters on their own or with a partner, according to Submerged to a depth of around 10 feet, vacationers don't need to worry about breathing or goggles fogging up as your heads alone are enclosed in an air bubble & protected by class offering a one-of-a-kind view for you & your scooter buddy.

The experience will seem almost futuristic as you move below the depths on this personal submarine while an experienced diver swims around you on a one-mile-long underwater trail. You don't even have to be familiar with diving to learn its easy-to-use controls either.

Aqua Safari If riding around on your own submersible scooter wasn't enough, Bora Bora offers safari trips as well. Not the kind where you ride around in the back of a Jeep all day either, but an underwater safari. You can't really experience a place from within a vehicle & with Aqua Safari, you don't have to. Aqua Safari allows visitors to put on a diver's helmet & a pair of lead shoes before sinking to depths of 12 feet. There, you gain the free will to explore the underwater lagoons at your leisure. Whatever crack or corner you find beautiful & want to look more closely at, you need simply walk over to do it.

For two hours you & a group of friends or family can walk amongst the tropical fish, according to Tahiti & Vacation. You don't even have to know how to swim for this activity as your head remains completely dry in the glass helmet that lets you look in whatever direction you want.

Next time you're in Bora Bora, explore the water in a way you can't anywhere else.

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