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Beauty Basics for a Beach Vacation

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Basking on the beach in the Bahamas will surely help you achieve a radiant glow but it certainly doesn't make it easy to wear your favorite makeup. Between the sun, sweat & sand, you may feel like your whole face is sliding off. So how do you stay gorgeous on your luxury vacation?

Follow these tips & you'll look stunning from the moment you arrive to the second you pack your bags, regardless of the conditions:

Switch your skincare products While your normal cleanser might work perfectly fine at home, it's unlikely to be effective in a tropical climate. Intense heat & humidity accelerate oil production, so you may need one that can regulate how much your glands make. If you're prone to breakouts, Real Beauty suggested trading out your cleanser for one that's based in salicylic acid, which helps to ward off acne, even in sweltering temperatures. 

You also may need to upgrade your facial moisturizer to a richer cream. Dr. Adam Geyer, a dermatologist in New York City, explained to Self magazine that when you sweat, many of the hydrating lipids underneath the skin's surface also evaporate. Additionally, he noted that salt from the ocean can actually suck moisture out of the skin. Chlorine in a swimming pool is also extremely drying. The most effective products contain humectants that attract water to the skin cells, such as sorbitol, glycerin & alpha hydroxy acids.

Shield your skin It goes without saying that strong UV rays call for a high SPF. Look for a moisturizer that has built-in protection for your face, which will not only prevent a painful burn but also early signs of aging. Don't forget that your lips need to be shielded, too. Whether you're headed to the pool or going sightseeing, keep an SPF lip balm in your bag to safeguard your pout.

Opt for a stain Glosses can be too sticky for the beach, while a matte lipstick is too dry. When you want a natural-looking flush, go for a lip stain with a moisturizing balm attached. It won't melt in the hot sun, & its hue will last far longer than any other formula.

Prep lashes with powder Using waterproof mascara is a no-brainer when you're vacationing on an island. However, there's another lesser-known trick that could keep your lashes from clumping or smudging. Tina Turnbow, a makeup artist in New York City, told Fitness magazine that applying a light layer of translucent powder onto lashes prior to sweeping on mascara can keep the pigment in place because it soaks up any excess oil.

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