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Badass Birthday Vacation Ideas

A close up of eight people's hands holding cocktail glassing giving cheers

Badass Birthday Vacation Ideas

It’s time to treat yourself for real this birthday…

Why does it always seem we have to wait 10 damn years to get a birthday party that we actually remember? Well, we are ready to shift the paradigm and you’re coming along for the ride. We don't care if you're turning 21 or 61; a badass birthday party is just that—badass and perfect for any birthday celebration. The only way you're forgetting this one is if you go a little too hard on the drinks.

We've got options perfect for groups or families of any size and some amazing couple's options to tell you about before you scroll…tell me more!

Collage of four photos with food and drink on a table, a view of a resort with water in front of the buildings, cocktail glasses on a try near a pool, and two women in bathing suits with drinks in their hands sitting on the edge of an infinity pool

Birthday Vacation Idea #1: Beyond Luxury

One of the best ways to enhance your birthday vacation/celebration is to focus on resorts that offer an upscale all-inclusive package, making it easy to let go and focus on having a good time. Think of resorts like The Fives, Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana, Hermitage Bay, and any other boutique hotel you can imagine. When you're pampered, with luxury options awaiting you, butlers at your service, and unlimited food and drink, you'll be the birthday king (or queen!)

Aerial view of a mountain with the ocean surrounding it and white puffy clouds in the sky

Birthday Vacation Idea #2: A Taste for Adventure

Planet Earth is a crazy place, dude. BUT, that means there are a lot of crazy and fun things to do and see. Take your birthday vacation as the perfect opportunity to get some bucket list sightseeing or adventuring checked off the list! We’re talking about things like zip-lining in Costa Rica, swimming in the Blue Hole, or even adding some volcano exploring to the list. Wherever your adventurous soul leads you, we can plan a trip for it!

Collage of four photos showing a pool along the edge of the ocean with a mountain in the background, aerial view of over the water bungalows, view of the ocean through palm leaves, and a couple holding hands on a beach with a helicopter and the ocean in the background an

Birthday Vacation Idea #3: Opt-In for Romance

If you're not a fan of big groups, that's cool! We want to throw in one last idea to give you quieter birthday-goers something to try too! Consider this—cheersing a boujee mixed drink (or any beverage of your choosing) on the beach with a candlelit dinner and the warm tropical breeze blowing. Sounds romantic, right?! Well, there are a whole lot of other ways to elevate your birthday experience, and your birthday is the perfect time to go this route. From spa experiences to secluded nature hikes, even options like rooftop nests or overwater bungalows for ultimate privacy, romance is available, and the options are abundant should you go this route for your celebration.

Don’t Go Getting Old On Us

Some say travel keeps you young—and we agree! Plan your dream birthday trip with our team and make the aging feel oh so much better! Let’s do this.

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