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Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

There are plenty of attractions for you & your kids on family vacations to tropical paradises that cater specifically to your young ones. When you're surrounded by beautiful beaches & clear, warm waters, there's never a diminishing amount of activities to do. However, if you're in Antigua & love animals, there's one stop you might want to make. Take a break from the luxury travel to really experience your destination in a unique way at the Donkey Sanctuary.

Sanctuary A common problem on Antigua is wild or abandoned donkeys roaming the island, according to USA Today. True, there are worse problems out there, but the donkeys tend to cause trouble by wandering in the streets. This predicament spawned the Donkey Sanctuary, which has in of itself become a popular tourist destination for those looking to get away from the sand & sunshine for a bit.

The Sanctuary's website stated that they house & care for over 150 donkeys as well as a fair amount of dogs & cats too. The haven for donkeys provides a refuge for the animals to live happily & recover from any injuries or conditions they have upon arrival. Visitors can enter for free while being allowed to pet, brush & play with the animals. Anyone particularly tender of heart can engage in the Sanctuary's "Adopt an Antiguan Donkey" program by donating $25 per animal. This offering provides a little bit of money to the nonprofit establishment so they can further care for the donkeys by purchasing food & other supplies for them.

Reward everyone If you're traveling with children, this foundation is as close to a petting zoo that you're going to get in Antigua. By helping out, you not only make a great difference in these innocent animals' lives, but you contribute in keeping your vacation spot safer for everyone. The donkeys love all the attention they can get & do their best to put smiles on everyone's faces.

Getting away from the typical itinerary for island destinations allows you to expand your understanding of a place away from the resorts & hotels. On your vacation, you can aid the community that provides you with so many eternal moments that will live on forever in your memory, remembering the adorable donkeys you helped in between the fine dining & jet skiing.

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