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A Wild Adventure in Costa Rica

Adult vacations can tend to go one of two ways. They can either steer towards the more romantic, with candle-lit dinners & beachside snuggling, or they can dive off a cliff of adventure & thrills. People like to do different things when traveling to exotic destinations depending on their personalities & what their location has to offer. There are some things that are tough to experience when you're dedicated to luxury travel, like the raw beauty & diversity of Costa Rica, but it's not an impossible task. 

According to Rough Guides, Costa Rica has more species of plants, butterflies & birds on its small island than the entire European continent. Extensive national parks of tropical rain-forests meet the beautiful Caribbean coasts, where visitors can walk for hours doing nothing but admiring the nature around them. The island nation is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the entire western hemisphere, Volcan Arenal, & tourists have the chance to witness some of the steady lava pouring from its peak as it contrasts starkly against the dark minerals of its slopes.

Visitors during the right time of year might be fortunate enough to see some of the many types of sea turtles crawling to shore to lay their eggs. The even more favored might be around at just the right moment to see the babies hatch from their eggs & slowly make their way back out to sea.

The extent of activities the adventurous can embark on is seemingly endless with everything from surfing, fishing, hiking, bird watching, horseback riding & whitewater rafting just being the beginning of it. The mixture of geography will make you think you're exploring a vast country with all the different features & animals you'll see.

Many island vacations spots have beaches with luxurious hotels, but not every place has the range of things to do like Costa Rica.

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